Month: November 2019

Drawstring Tote Bags

The main goal of promotional items, aside from showing gratitude to loyal customers and strengthening ties with industry associates, is enhancing brand awareness. In a nutshell, sales executives agree that the more consumers become aware of your brand, the more chances that they will purchase your products and services. By making your brand more familiar to more people, you are encouraging repeat purchases and attracting new customers as well.

Thus, the products you select for your promotional needs must reach maximum coverage to attain you ultimate goal – to help in increasing sales and boost the company income. Items such as bags ensure high visibility and usage in mobile and public situations that will guarantee more people, aside from the user, to take note of your company name and what it stands for. Specifying the bag to drawstring tote bags provide added value such as practicality, multi-functionality and versatility that … Read the rest

Rave Clothing

Go online and you will come across thousands of stores and wholesalers catering to the needs of youngsters and adults alike for denim outfits, hippie jewelry, as well as short and long flowing skirts, along with everything that is bold and rebellious. Rave clothing is now accessible in various types of styles and is most commonly seen at acid or rave gatherings. From garments to gear, and even equipment, you will see that the fashion accessories you want can be found anywhere including online and offline stores, on top of that, you will find some very good deals. Not only are these clothes being designed by world renowned designers, but they are also being sold at the best prices.

If you want to make a fashion statement that is as ‘Rave’ as it is elegant, you will need to research ensembles that really suit you. You will find there is … Read the rest

Cashmere Cardigan

Designers take inspiration from what they see currently and also from the times gone by. Invariably, you often see styles that went out of style making a comeback when you least expect it and that is what is exciting about the industry.

That is because the cashmere material is such that you can never have enough of it. In fact, it is the scarcity of this material that has enabled it to retain its exclusivity and high standing over the years. People are willing to lap up just about anything made out of cashmere and a cashmere cardigan is certainly one that is a must buy on most lists.

It would appear that cashmere products are everywhere. Many of the departmental stores and malls are not stocking as well as displaying a whole variety of cashmere items. It shows the confidence they have in consumers who are willing to pay … Read the rest

Men Watches for Winter

During the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, wealthy men and women were the only ones who could afford expensive ornament. Precious metals decorated with jewels were worn by members of royal families and by their close friends. There was little if any distinction between the sexes when it came to accessories-kings wore just as many jewels as queens. But fashions changed rather abruptly during the Industrial Revolution. What happened?

The middle class grew and jewelry prices fell. Costume jewelry came into vogue, and most of it was designed specifically for the fairer sex. Middle class men, on the other hand, did not see themselves as fainéant kings or princes. They worked hard and they had no need for unnecessary decorations. They did, however, allow themselves a single indulgence. The watch has been the most popular article of jewelry for men for centuries. Why is this?

In our humble opinion, modern … Read the rest

Black Leather Jacket

As with many pieces of clothing popularized as street fashion, the origins of the black leather jacket lie with the military. They were issued to German pilots in World War I, while German submarine crews, bomber pilots and members of the SS wore them in World War II. A seductive Marlene Dietrich immortalized the look for women in the film Dishonored (1931), starring as a secret agent – clad in black leather.

After the wars, the black leather jacket became the uniform of American policemen, selected for its resilience. As an emblem of toughness as well as for its protective qualities, it was taken up in the 1950s by bikers – often dissatisfied ex-servicemen – who congregated in gangs or at motorbike rallies and gained a reputation for violence and hard drinking. Their Perfecto or Bronx jackets, worn with jeans and white scarves, looked tough and proudly working class, in … Read the rest

Stylish Embroidered Beanie Logo Hats

Logo Hats

Logo hats are common and serve a good purpose. They are worn by almost all age groups and you can find a variety of them in the markets. When you decide on the type of beanie cap and the logo, approach an online distributor who can provide you with the best quality at the cheapest rates possible. Always remember that the more amount of logo hatsyou buy, the lower the per piece cost will be. Embroidered hats are cheap and a fast way to spread word of your business or organisation.

Types of Logo Hats

Embroidered hats and beanies are very popular with the younger generation. If your gift is aimed at a younger set of people, look for colorful beanies that are available in an acrylic knit. There are various kinds of beanie hats. You can choose from a variety which include visor cap and knit fold … Read the rest

Style Expert on Handbags

  • Flatter your figure. The more curvaceous your shape, the more structured, i.e. rectangular or square design, your bag should be. Also, larger bags look better on a larger women and a smaller bag look best on smaller-framed woman. A shoulder bag’s length will accentuate the part of the body it hits, i.e. your waist or hips. Large-busted women should opt for shoulder bags that hit below the bust to avoid looking top-heavy. The length which flatters most women is anywhere from her mid-torso to the top of her hip bone.
  • Complement your lifestyle. The bag has to hold all of your normal handbag contents (not junk…). You need to have easy access to your wallet, phone, keys, tissues, and lipstick and should not have to be bothered with complicated closures or zippers that jam. If you commute via a public transit system, look for straps that can be worn across
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Straw Bag

The handbags are available in different designs, types, and colors and styles. One type is straw bags that are very stylish. Some years ago, straw bags were used but they were not stylish. They were quite large bags, used to carry large objects. But nowadays, straw bags are a must have fashion accessory. These handbags are made up of natural material. They are made of various materials like pineapple fiber, corn fiber and wheat fiber. These fashion bags are totally eco-friendly as they are made of natural materials.

Straw bags are available in different colors, shapes and styles. There are many ways to weave these kinds of bag. Due to different types of weaving, each bag looks different from other. A straw bag is flexible and even suits our pocket. It is environment friendly as well as trendy. Hence, it is advisable to buy one that will show how much … Read the rest

Right Tights For The Occasion

Fishnet tights have long been popular when associated with looking sexy on women. While not recommended for a day at the office, these tights are great for a night out on the town or that special party with friends. When it comes to women tights, there are more than simply fishnet to choose from. You also have the ability to wear thigh high tights or even socks over the knee. Depending on the color, design and style of these tights they could work for a variety of occasions that call for dressing up just a bit more than normal.

Fashion leggings are also quite popular among both women and girls. You can choose footed leggings, but footless leggings are far more popular. They come in a variety of styles and colors and work for both professional and personal occasions. Colored tights are also a choice when you want to give … Read the rest

Dress On A First Date

Determine Your Partner’s Style

It is a must that you should know your partner’s style so that you can determine what kind of outfit you need to use. You should also take note of the venue where your date is going to be held. Is it in a bowling alley? Is it in a fancy restaurant? Is your date the rocker type or the athletic type? Is he the laid back kind or a stylish fashionista? Try to think of these things first.

Comfort Is Key

You’ve finally spotted that oh-so gorgeous dress and the killer heels that go perfectly well with it. However, these outfits become a pain in the butt because the dress is too tight and the heels are literally killing your feet. In order to prevent this unwanted discomfort from ruining your date, try to wear a dress that will make you feel gorgeous. Wear a … Read the rest