Month: December 2019

Finding Wedding Favors

Base Your Favor Off the Season

When my wife and I got married, it was right after Christmas. The Christmas lights were still up in the church, and so were all the angels that the church hung from the rafters. There were even Christmas trees still up in the foyer. Because of this, we decide to them our favors for the season and handed out candy canes with a personalized and signed note from the two of us thanking them for their presence. At the reception, we also had little bells that could double as Christmas ornaments that we set at every seat. Total cost? Less than $10.

Hand Out a Personalized Favor

The new trend in wedding favors is to give guests a personalized item that has the couple’s name, the date they were married, and maybe the church or other location where the ceremony took place. For some … Read the rest

Custom Suits for Big Men

A group of client that would largely – no pun intended – benefit in having their made to measure suits is the basketball players. These special breed of men need not suffer the agony of either settling for ill-fitting formal shirts and suits or just plain doing away with it because none would fit right.

Basketball players are not mere athletes nowadays. They have become quite a celebrity in many parts of the globe. Many are even major product endorsers of high-end goods and services and travel around the world to promote their expensive endorsement deals. Perhaps, it is only fitting that they should look good in appearance as befits their star-power status.

Custom suits, wherein every client’s figure details are taken and measured properly by a professional tailor, are particularly ideal for the gentlemen with big bulked chest or heavy body built since majority of boutique mall shops, in … Read the rest

Mystery Shopping the Competition

Brand loyalty

A manufacturer was concerned that sales were dropping for their products in several retail stores. Mystery shoppers were used to visit the retail stores and “shop” for the manufacturer’s product. The manufacturer was able to determine if sales associates were leading customers away from their brand, and what was being said about their brand. Taking it a step further, a scenario was designed in which mystery shoppers would be interested in two products — one of the manufacturer’s and another of a competitor. Posing as undecided between the two, mystery shoppers would ask the associate for their recommendation. This allowed the manufacturer to determine which brand was being recommended and why, and how this impacted their sales at the retail level.

Breaking into a new market

A contractor service was ready to expand their business into a new market and sought out two potential markets of interest. Before … Read the rest

Shopping Cart Abandonment

Abandonment is Part of the Shopping Process

Generally speaking, a company should see an abandoned shopping cart as part of the buying process. It is probably just a stepping stone in the ever complex series of actions a consumer has to take before finally making a purchase. It can also be seen as a strong indicator of consumer interest in a product or a brand. The technology that allows retailers collect and leverage online shopping cart data is going to be a worthwhile investment.

Abandoners are Still Great Sales Leads

According to data from SeeWhy, three-fourths of shoppers who have abandoned shopping carts say that they plan to return to the retailer’s website to make a purchase. Online-only retailers often face the disadvantage as they do not have multiple channels to recover the lost sales.

Re-targeting is Effective

If they want, retailers can reduce the rate of shopping cart abandonment … Read the rest

Shop For Great Plus Size Lingerie

Every woman has a liking to a particular color they prefer on their lingerie. While some women prefer silk others prefer lace or cotton. You should always ensure your chantelle plus size lingerie has comfortable material. This is important because you can get attracted to a design but the material is not of high quality. This is tedious and time consuming since you have to return back the item. Another important factor you should consider is budget. Just like any other purchase, you should always stick to your budget when buying lingerie. This will help you save time since there are many shops that only deal with high priced lingerie you may not afford to buy.

If you always busy to shop for plus size lingerie why not shop online at the comfort of your home? Although this is good alternative you may buy lingerie that doesn’t suit your taste. … Read the rest

Sportswear Luxe

Normally the most on trend pieces are of a more uncomfortable feel but this new sporty fashion seems to one of the comfiest to ever hit the fashion scene. Men and women everywhere are rejoicing at the thought of not having to wear skin tight jeans and figure hugging tops all day. It may even allow a few of us to forgive those love handles and muffin tops we have been longing to get rid of. Do not let yourself go just yet. The sportswear luxe trend is tolerant and still has elements of style rather than slobbery.

We would normally consider the athletic trend to consist of hoodies, tracksuit bottoms, trainers, polo shirts and sweatpants. But that is the best thing about the trend, it is a lot more fashion forward than the usual laid back apparel that we are used to seeing in the stores and designer brands … Read the rest

Getting Wallets Online

If you want to buy wallets, there are many options. Getting your wallets online is an easy option. Although, wallets are easily available in the local market also, but there are few problems which you might have to face. You have to roam in the whole market, to get the wallet of your choice. There are many kinds of wallets these days and everyone has different choices. It will be a tiresome work to search the market for hours. Moreover, these wallets might be costly as well. To avoid these problems you should go for getting your wallets online.

If you are thinking about getting your wallets online, you will get many advantages. It is easy to shop online. You can quickly browse a large number of websites. This will help you to know about the available stock at the online stores, their prices and methods of home delivery. Many … Read the rest

Choose The Right Men’s Swimwear

Men swimwear is now available in a variety of styles and colours. There are board shorts, wet suits, trunks, rush guards among others. There is a certain style of swimwear that is more flattering for every body type. In choosing men swimmer, you must consider your body type and decide which style will be more flattering for your body.

Your preference is also a very important consideration when choosing swimwear. If you are feeling more daring and you want to show off your toned body then you can choose the skimpy trunks for your swimwear. If you are the sporty type or the conservative type then the board shorts would be perfect for your men’s swimwear. If you prefer to protect your skin from the harsh sun rather than show it off then the rush guard or the triathlon swimwear would be more appropriate for you because they adequately cover … Read the rest

Summer Sale

So why do people move quickly when it comes to the summer sale? Well firstly, there is the weather. Even if people do not like shopping, walking around on a hot summer’s day is definitely worth it. More so, for the people that do like shopping, walking around on a hot summer’s day whilst doing something they enjoy is simply amazing. Going from one shop to the next stopping every couple of hours for an ice-cream, there are not many better places.

Weather aside though, the summer sale offers one main thing. Sales! Everyone loves to get a bargain when it comes to purchasing something. Everywhere people look, shops have many different promotions all trying to entice the summer sale shopper into their store. To be honest, it does not really matter what the store is, everyone single one of them have their own promotions with their own unique discounts … Read the rest

Plaid Pieces

The pattern is made up of criss-crossed horizontal lines and vertical brands of different colours. It was once made from woven wool but is now produced from a range of other materials. The look was first used on Scottish kilts which were worn by warrior clans of the same region. In 1746 an act was brought about to stop the wearing of the garment along with other characteristics of the Gaelic community. This however was revoked and the item of clothing is now a symbolic national way of dressing in Scotland. Those who wear the apparel choose to do so to show they are associated with the nation.

There are many different types of tartan correlating to each individual division of Scotland. Each has their own plaid pattern or a ‘sett’ that corresponds to the area of the country they live in or the institute to which they belong. There … Read the rest