Month: February 2020

Fashion Design Cardigans

One of the most stylish designs by Elan international within the Elan cardigan sweater clothing line is the Elan wrap draped cardigan sweater with rips and safety-pin. The sweater is entirely made of cotton material and hence ironing is a must after washing. The rips running down from the chest section where the safety-pin joins the two pieces add fashion to the attire as they coil downwards to the hip section of your body and to the thighs. This type of Elan clothing will keep people glued to you to the point that you may even start blushing. It is such an eye catcher and without a shadow of doubt one of the best cardigan designs you can ever find.

This cardigan sweater from Elan international is worn with some under shirts or t-shirts for the purposes of avoiding extreme exposure, upon having attracted everyone with the absolute beauty in … Read the rest

Ways to Look Better

It’s in the Details

Dressing too plain can add years to your appearance. Adding a few simple details can transform your outfit and your outlook.

If you like to wear black slacks and an ivory sweater, why not give this classic style a little energy by adding an animal print scarf, shoes, or handbag? This easy addition takes you from predictable to quietly stunning.

Perhaps you like to wear all black, and maybe it’s one of your favorite colors, but it’s not your best color. One way to update your outfit is to add a print scarf in the colors that make your skin glow, and your eyes shine. With the simple twist of a scarf, you can go from cat-burglar to the cat’s meow.

A word of warning here: too many accessories or several prints with one outfit can have a negative impact on your image. A skirt that … Read the rest

Buying a Beauty Supply Shop

Target Market and Location

I cannot stress enough the importance of identifying your target market. Concerning a beauty supply shop, your target market may include industry professionals such as cosmetologists, nail techs, estheticians, salon owners, and even beauty school students or a shop might target the consumer directly, or perhaps a shop caters to both industry professionals and consumers.

Concerning location, check out the businesses around the store. Check to see how many salons or beauty schools are nearby and also what other shopping destinations like grocery stores and shopping malls exist near the store. The more conveniently located the greater opportunity of building a loyal customer base. A hair stylist may stop on his or her lunch break to pick up some needed products or someone doing their grocery shopping may stop to pick up a shampoo their grocer may not carry.


Inventory is a beauty supply shop’s … Read the rest

Hair Extensions

Simple stages to achieve this.

  • Stage 1 – Make a horizontal parting just above the nape of the neck and with a clip secure the rest of your hair out of the way. Take the first of your 6″ wefts and secure this on the hair line clipping the centre clip first then extending the sides of the extension and securing the side clips.
  • Stage 2 – Let down your hair and as in stage one make another horizontal parting a little further up your head. Taking your second 6″ weft, secure in the same way as stage 1.
  • Stage 3 & 4 – Repeat this process firstly with your 7″ weft a little further up your head and then further up again with your 9″ weft.
  • Stage 5 – Your final process to getting your full head of flowing hair. This is using the four 1.5″ wefts. These are
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About Elan Convertible Dress

If you are very conservative and prefer a dress that does not expose much of your upper body, then there is a perfect match for you, the Elan double shoulder convertible dress with a slightly smaller neck region provides a good opportunity for those willing to dress in Elan Clothing; while conserving their social status a chance to experience the creativity behind Elan International fashion and design at work in their own bodies. This is a fantastic choice for married women with children who like to maintain a certain degree of respect. The dress is also available in a variety of colors hence giving you an opportunity to select your perfect match.

The other available types of Elan Convertible Dress that include the one shoulder dress as well as the others with two shoulders but extended neck region are ideal for the younger ladies. These are very good attires to … Read the rest

Jean Alterations

These days, high fashion denims and designer jeans are probably the most stunning – and expensive – pieces in the wardrobe. When buying the perfect pair of jeans, one must keep several things in mind. Design, style, cut, fabric, colors, pattern and cost – there is a lot to think of. The fit is no less important since different people have different problem areas when it comes to wearing jeans. Typically, the waist, thigh, hip and crotch areas are the most problematic.

Although the buyer tries to find a pair of jeans that requires no alterations at all, most people find that even the best pair of jeans needs some amount of alteration. Sometimes, all that the jeans needs is hemming. Often, the alteration work may be more elaborate in scope, making it necessary to approach a talented and skilled tailor who excels in jean alterations. A great pair of … Read the rest