Avoid Stress During Christmas Shopping

  • Do your shopping as early as possible. While you may think you’re not going to be able to get the “last minute Christmas sales”, you’d be surprised at how much money you may be able to save by shopping early. Get your family members to give you their Christmas lists as soon as possible or pay attention to comments they make such as, “I really wish I had this or that…..”. When you hear comments like this, write them down and keep your eyes open for when these items are on sale.
  • Pay attention to weekly sales. Another thing that will really surprise you is how many things you’d planned to buy for gifts are often found on sale weeks or months prior to Christmas. Even if you’re only getting one or two gifts out of the way, you’re gradually getting your shopping done and saving money at the same time. Many stores frequently have “Buy one get second one free or 50% off”. This is a great way to take care of two gifts and still save money.
  • Consider giving give certificates. Gift buying seems to be getting more difficult every year, particularly with children and teens. Gift certificates are always appreciated. While you may consider a gift certificate to be an impersonal gift, it’s a gift they’ll love and isn’t that your ultimate goal? With gas prices constantly fluctuating, a gas card is a gift that anyone will love, but is particularly loved by teen drivers that always seem to be low on cash and lower on gas! You can buy them a gift card to their favorite store or a cash card that can be used in any store. Buying gift cards and certificates is a real stress-free way to get your Christmas shopping done and it’s a way you can do it all year long rather than doing it all in one month.
  • Give cash as Christmas gifts. Many people will love the idea of opening an envelope with cash inside. Gift cards and gift certificates are a great idea but cash can be even better. Christmas shopping is a financial drain on most people and receiving cash as a gift may be a great way to “replenish” some of the money they’ve spent. Cash is also the perfect choice for children that are difficult to buy for. When they open a card with cash inside, they know they can go to their favorite store and get what they really want.
  • Use stores that still have layaway. Layaway offers a great way to get a lot of your shopping done in one day and offers convenient payment plans that most can afford. While you may be purchasing the items at full price, most stores will adjust your balance if the items go on sale.
  • Shop online. Shopping online is becoming more popular each year. Shopping online offers you not only the convenience of not having to fight traffic and stand in long lines, but can save you a lot of money. With so many stores available online, you can easily find exactly what you’re looking for by using the search engines.