Bargain Shop for Used Clothes

  • Step 1: Search for second hand stores, thrift stores, resale shops, garage sales, flea markets and estate sales. These are some of the best places to find great bargains. You can search in your local newspaper, in online classifieds for your area, your online search engine, your local Yellow pages and by asking for referrals from your network of friends and family.
  • Step 2: Plan your day of shopping. Make a map and a schedule to maximize your time. Be sure to include the store’s phone numbers in case you get lost.
  • Step 3: Make sure that you have room in your car for any purchases that you make. Nothing is worse than finding things that you want to purchase and not having the room in your car.
  • Step 4: When you are at each location, search immediately for the sale items. They are typically at the back of a store or are separated in a specific area at a garage sale. You can find some really great deals on used clothing items of all kinds. When you are at each location, also ask the sales people when the best time of the month or week is to find great bargains, or if there are any upcoming sales.
  • Step 5: If you are looking for a particular item, brand of clothing or style, call ahead to see if the location has it available.
  • Step 6: When you are at the clothing store, be sure to try all of the clothing on to ensure that you have the proper fit. If you cannot try the clothing on, use your best judgement to see if the garment will fit. You should also review the clothing for any stains, missing buttons, broken zippers or missing adornments. If it cannot be fixed, you should consider buying something else. If it is something that you can easily fix, ask for a bigger discount and then fix the item yourself.
  • Step 7: When you are at a flea market or thrift store, see if there is an opportunity to talk down the price. Most things are negotiable if you ask.
  • Step 8: If you have exhausted all of the local stores, start to shop for used clothingonline. You can search in consignment stores and in online auctions. Online auctions allow you to bid on items, where the used clothing is awarded to the highest bidder. If you have the time to watch and you use strategies, you can often find some great deals. Online consignment shops list other people’s clothing at a discount. Consignment shops are great ways to find name brands, designers and newer clothing at a discount.