Best Time to Shop

First, holidays are some of the best times to shop for many items. This is when stores try to lure customers to buy and spend more. Stores know that customers have the day off and have time to shop. But, try not to choose holidays like Christmas or Valentine’s Day. The better holidays to choose are things like Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Presidents’ Day, and the little random holidays that occur during the year. Times like July 4 are fantastic for looking for good sales. Also, pay attention to the after holiday sales. These are when stores offer extra discounts to entice customers to come in to shop. A lot of times, stores have increased their inventory during the holidays and now need to get rid of that inventory. So, try to shop after the holiday during the after holiday sale such as the after thanksgiving sale or the after Christmas sale.

Next, look in between seasons. If summer is coming up, don’t shop for new summer clothes. Instead, shop for current spring clothes. If winter is coming up, don’t shop for those winter coats. Instead, before the winter shop for the fall clothes that you want it. I know this presents a problem for those that want to wear more current clothes during the current season. So, if that is what you want, spend some time shopping for the trendy clothes of that season, but also look for the staple items that you can wear in your wardrobe every year. Things like a cashmere cardigan that you can wear the following year. If you are looking for a¬†cashmere sale, then look towards the end of winter when it may not be as cold as before. Cashmere is one of those staple items that you can keep year after year so do not worry about buying those items so late during the season.

Finally, if you tend to go to major discount retailers such as DSW or Loehmann’s, then you should hit those stores early on during the week. Tuesday and Wednesday is the best times to go to those stores because that’s when the new inventory comes in. Thursday and Friday is when a lot more people have time to go and shop and when there will be a lot less items for you to choose from. Saturday and Sunday are the worst days for those stores because everything will be picked over. If you want first choice at the new items at these discount stores, go on Tuesday or Wednesday. On the weekends, they will usually not discount those items anymore because people are willing to pay. So, don’t worry about not getting the greatest deal because Tuesday and Wednesday is when the items will already be marked down.