Branded Carrier Bags

Given below are some different types of Branded Carrier Bags which can elegantly carry your logo and slogan. They are available to suit your requirements and budget:

  • Backpacks: They come in a variety of styles, and allow good exposure for branding. Backpacks are a good choice as they will go places when used for travelling, thereby reaching out to a wider audience.
  • Carrier & Paper Bags: There is a variety of types in the category – available in a variety of colours, paper quality and most of them have rope or plastic handles. They are considered to be one of the most commonly used bags as they are ideal of daily use, and eventually become a good mode for advertising.
  • Conference Bags: Branded Carrier Bags used for conferences should be of a higher quality as the target audience will always be groups of professionals. The quality, style and design you choose will convey a good company image, which is vital when targeting an audience of the executive grade.
  • Cotton Bags: These bags too come in a variety of styles – as simple shopping bags, travelling bags, shoulder bags, draw string bags and much more. Cotton bags are quite capable in taking in a good and elegant design of your company brand and logo.
  • Eco-friendly Bags: Today the trend is to “Go Green” – a concept which is strongly promoted and encouraged in order to protect the environment. Products of this category costs slightly higher than the standard promotional merchandise. However, it gives a good company image when eco-friendly Branded Carrier Bags are used for advertising as it conveys a message on your company’s concern towards the environment.
  • Travel & Sports Bags: This will be a good choice for companies producing sports goods and equipment and also for those in the travel trade. They offer excellent exposure with good brand visibility. You can design your logo and brand name with a marketing slogan which will carry a quick message to your potential customers. Since these bags will be used at stadiums and sports events your company will be exposed to large numbers of people, thus a design which conveys a quick message will be ideal.