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Jean Alterations

These days, high fashion denims and designer jeans are probably the most stunning – and expensive – pieces in the wardrobe. When buying the perfect pair of jeans, one must keep several things in mind. Design, style, cut, fabric, colors, pattern and cost – there is a lot to think of. The fit is no less important since different people have different problem areas when it comes to wearing jeans. Typically, the waist, thigh, hip and crotch areas are the most problematic.

Although the buyer tries to find a pair of jeans that requires no alterations at all, most people find that even the best pair of jeans needs some amount of alteration. Sometimes, all that the jeans needs is hemming. Often, the alteration work may be more elaborate in scope, making it necessary to approach a talented and skilled tailor who excels in jean alterations. A great pair of jeans can add oodles of appeal while a sloppy pair can make one look frumpy and tubby. Hence the need to identify a tailor who excels in this kind of work.

Some of the most important points that must be kept in mind while altering jeans include:

  1. Hemming must not do away with any of the important details. It must not destroy the cut of the leg either, as in the case of a bootcut where hemming could reduce the size of the bootcut. Since the original hem of the jeans have a slight wave, many people prefer to keep the original hem. This could cost a little more but prevents the jeans from looking as if they were altered.
  2. In many cases, the waist may need to be taken in to ensure the perfect fit. When tucking the waist in, it is necessary to factor in the hips and the crotch area. A good tailor knows just how much to take in and how to work around the problem areas so as to ensure superb fit and great comfort.

When altering jeans, it is necessary to consider the type of fabric. Some fabrics shrink a little after they have been washed, others may sag a little and some may remain just the same. An experienced tailor can offer the right guidance and steer you away from making mistakes.

Asolo Hiking Boots

While the Asolo company is based in northern Italy, not far from great hills and mountains to hike, their shoes are made in their factory in Romania. Because they have put their hearts (as well as their business heads) into their products, you will find their outdoor shoes to have attention to the most minor detail. Their factory workers in Romania know this and do their very best to give you, the end user, top quality footwear.

The company has outdoor shoes and boots in various categories – alpine, backpacking, hike, access as well as a limited edition and a fall/winter edition. There is certainly enough to choose from so you can get the very best boot for your needs. They are currently working on their spring/summer collection so you know they are constantly working on improving their existing products as well as innovatively looking toward the future and creating new designs.

There are many ways for you to purchase Asolo hiking boots. Zappos carry them as do Amazon as well as a whole bunch of websites that specialize in outdoor gear. Doing research online will definitely help you to narrow down your choice as well as shopping for the best deal. Many of their boots receive five stars. It is always good to read the reviews as these give you a real indication about the quality of the boots and if there are any problems. The reviewers also sometimes give advice to help you.

Naturally as with all boots, it depends on the feet of the user! We do tend to have different feet. What might be a fantastic fit for one person may cause blisters in someone else’s feet. This is why I would definitely recommend trying them on and getting comfortable with them before you make your choice. You can visit an outdoor store to see if they have them in stock. When you try them on, you can also experiment with different socks to get the perfect fit. Once you have made your decision, you can still go online and buy them there if the price is better.

Asolo manufacture a top quality boot in the outdoor category. They take care of the design of their boots and pay attention to all the little details. There will be an Asolo hiking boot that is just right for you.

Stretchy Jeans

These kinds of jeans started in the 1790’s and re-emerged in the 20th century when they were worn by a number of musicians which mainly belonged to rock and roll, rock, metal and other such music artists. These kinds of jeans are popular not only among men but also women. Women prefer these kinds of jeans to any other kind. These kinds of jeans are very comfortable and can be worn while performing any activity. They are available in different sizes, colors, patterns, and styles.

The popularity of these jeans has attracted all the major players of the apparel industry to produce and sell them throughout the world. These are bought and worn all over the globe which has led to an increase in their sales. The increase in their sale is the reason why they account for a major portion of the profits made in the jeans business. They are designed for both men and women since their demand among both of them is almost same. These jeans are better than other jeans mainly because their fitting is far superior to the other jeans. They adjust according to the body of the person who is wearing it. The comfortability quotient is the primary reason why these jeans are so widespread and worn by people everywhere.

The rapid increase in the popularity and sales of stretchy jeans has also attracted many on-line stores to offer them on sale and interested customers can opt to buy them from these on-line stores. They provide their customers with most of the brands, free domestic shipping and discounts at times. They can place their orders either on the websites of these on-line stores or on phone. This has certainly made the purchase of these jeans convenient and increased their sales and profits.

Masculine Style Watch

The most masculine clothing you could possibly purchase is the suit, so why not try wearing one, a manly one that is? There are a few feminine styles our there so be brave and opt for the more masculine type. Straight cut trousers, a structured blazer and a clean white shirt tucked into the trousers will create a look that is spot on when it comes to androgyny. Adding some heels will give it a touch of femininity but if you want to go all out mannish then try some flat brogues shoes with your suit.

Another great take on the look is to pair a large white shirt with some slim fitting black trousers. Take a black piece of string and tie into a bow around the collar and you have got the manly looked down to a tee. Just add some shiny heels and a colourful clutch bag and you have gone from day to night with your outfit. You have made two looks in one with this style, now that cannot be bad can it?

Finally, you can never go wrong with a blazer, no matter what the occasion and we all have one in the back of wardrobe from when they first hit the fashion scene. When it comes to looking on trend and a little on the manly side, a blazer style jacket is essential. So try a large over-sized blazer and add a pair of skinny jeans. Finish off with a colourful shirt buttoned up to the collar, then accessorise with a roomy satchel and some classic brogue shoes and the look is complete.

However you choose to dress for the androgynous trend, just make sure to follow these simple tips and you are guaranteed be a head turner when it comes to looking good this season.

Leather Foldover Bag

  • A business tote: This foldover bag from Lucky Brand can be folded out (appearing to be a sort of “flat” look) to be used for business purposes. Used in this way, it can carry a laptop computer, folders and/or papers.
  • An everyday tote bag: Another version of this bag is folded over and worn over the shoulder as an all-purpose tote bag.
  • A messenger bag: Adding to the versatility of this bag is a crossover strap that comes with it, allowing the bag to be converted to a messenger bag – a handy use for students, business women and for women who just prefer a “hands free” way of carrying their things.
  • The looks: Personally I love the look of this bag. It has a sort of “earthy” appearance to it, with a fun yet rather simple design. The leather used is a high quality – quite soft and supple. It is also available in different styles including the original design, a version with a perforated top in a grey shade called “Iron Gates” while another style comes in black embroidered with bright, colorful threads.
  • Colors: The colors available for the Lucky Foldover Bag are as variable as it’s styles. It can be found in traditional light and dark brown, black and some very bright and bold colors such as “Ultraviolet” blue, “Dusty Lavendar”, and “Green Envy”. No matter the color preference of a lady who might be searching for such a versatile bag, there is sure to be a shade that will be just right.

No matter what color or specific style is chosen for the Lucky Leather Foldover Bag (also known as the Lucky Brand “Abbey Road”), it’s hard to deny that it is one of the most gorgeous and functional bags around for women.

Polythene Carrier Bags

  • Bags are a common requirement for shoppers. Every purchase, immaterial of size, immaterial of the type of store will always hand over your purchased produce in a bag. There is a very wide range of bags and since this particular type of bag is the cheapest of all, is it used by many.
  • Being the cheapest and the most affordable product, this bag is commonly used in all types of stores, especially where the volume is sales is always high – supermarkets, fruit stalls, grocery stores etc.
  • Since it is comfortable to carry, sturdy and is capable of holding a large number of items, customers always prefer Polythene Carrier Bags when they go out shopping. The next reason for its popularity is that this bag is reusable.
  • Business companies – especially those involved in the retail market, can select this bag for brand promotion. If you are on a low advertising budget, here is an economical product.
  • Supermarkets and all other stores make good use of this advertising opportunity and imprint their logo and company name on these bags, thus creating excellent brand awareness and visibility to the outside consumer world without any extra effort.
  • Today promotional merchandise is one of the most popular sort-after product which helps to make your name known in the consumer world. Companies specifically dealing with promotional merchandise offer a wide range of marketing products which fall into various categories according to style, quality and price. The cheapest form of promotional merchandise is Polythene Carrier Bags.
  • Since it is a commonly used product, especially is stores where the volume of sales is always high with the great numbers of customers, these bags are capable of effectively carrying your marketing message into the outside world. You can always be assured, that the public, unknowingly will become your “advertising agents” when they walk around with their purchases. Your establishment will be seen and recognized by passers-by who might be attracted to visit your store.

Luggage Bag

LOOKS LUGGAGE. This is a company that offers variety of bags which includes luggage bags. They also have backpacks, beauty cases, briefcases, suitcases and carry on bags. You could choose to buy here because they offer affordable and quality bags. Moreover, they had been standing strong for over 30 years now and had been one of the biggest dealers of bags and luggage retailers in the world. They have been effective in meeting every people’s needs in traveling by offering luggage bags for all. Their clients also achieved satisfaction and contentment in their services.

Another great option that you have here is Luggage Source, which is a company that has been in the business since 1956 and they truly pride themselves in customer satisfaction and loyalty. As well, they are authorized for in regards to the brand name luggage that they offer and all of the merchandise that they sell is first quality with the manufacturer’s warranty.

They offer a wide variety of name brands, including: American Tourister, AmeriBag, Andiamo, Atlantic Luggage, Atlas Cases, Black Label by Samsonite, Bosca Leather, Boyt, Brenthaven, Briggs & Riley, Case Logic, Dakota, Delsey Luggage, Eagle Creek, Jack Georges, Jansport, Hartmann, High Sierra, International Traveler, Johnston & Murphy Leather, Kenneth Cole, Kipling, Korchmar Leather Cases, Lark Luggage, Latico Leather, Lodis Leather, McKlein Leather, Pathfinder Luggage, Ricardo, Rimowa, Royce, The North Face, and more.

These are two great companies that you should definitely check out if you are looking for luggage bags, and although there are other options, these are definitely two of the best, and even if for some reason you decide to go to another company, you will still want to keep them in the back of your mind as a sort of reference in regards to what qualities you should be looking for in a company: high quality products, great prices, and superior customer service.

Sporty Looks for Ladies

Michael Kors clothing is worn by numerous celebrities, including Jennifer Lopez, Michelle Obama, Heidi Klum, Taylor Swift, Jennifer Garner and more. His accessories, meanwhile, continue to fly off the shelves – and his watches are no exception. The designer who started in sportswear is now a pro at churning out watch designs that perfectly complement his womenswear collections. Looking for sporty looks for ladies? Michael Kors has you covered in the watch department. Michael Kors watches have recently become the top of the line favorite for the new crop of personal style bloggers proliferating the internet landscape, and for good reason – the chic, stylish timepieces are fairly affordable, especially in the watch world. While Movado and watches will cost you thousands, most Michael Kors watches ring in below $300, making them an attainable fashion accessory for women who want to look great without blowing their budget.

On the hunt for a classic, wear with everything watch? The Michael Kors Women’s Chronograph Clear Acrylic Bracelet watch is the perfect choice. With a silver face, this watch is a classic beauty, but the acrylic linked bracelet updates the classic style, bringing it squarely into the future, for a watch that stands out from the rest. Go classic, go casual, or go formal – this watch pairs well with just about any outfit under the sun. The pearly hued dial features a date window and three subdials, and the chronograph movement adds extra functionality. Meanwhile, the acrylic bracelet is easy to take care of and looks great, no matter what you’re wearing. Pair this with boyfriend jeans and a fitted white tea on the weekend, and wear it with fuschia cigarette trousers and a slouchy blazer during the work week – no matter what you pair it with, it’s sure to look great.

Looking for a timeless treasure? Try the Michael Kors Men’s Quartz Chronograph Two-toned watch. A dashing, sophisticated look that’s the perfect way to class up your outfit, this watch exhibits a silver-tone stainless steel case complemented by a gold-tone bezel. Its multi-colored face and bracelet make it the perfect complement to a variety of outfits, whether you’re attempting to dress up a pair of khakis and a button down, or looking to add to your favorite black suit. Business meetings, afternoons on the golf course – whatever it is you’re doing, this watch will work with your clothing of choice. This watch works via Japanese quartz movement and exhibits eloquent subdials. A date window is positioned between 4:00 and 5:00, and the bracelet features linking gold and silver pieces for true sophistication.

Love something bright and funky? You’ll adore the Michael Kors Women’s Sports Quartz Chronograph Pink Rubber Strap Watch. A hot pink sensation, this watch is the perfect complement to a variety of sporty ensembles, and is the perfect gift choice for the woman who’s constantly on the go! A stainless steel case is contrasted by a durable and flexible rubber bracelet. This watch can go from the tennis court to the dance floor – wherever you take it, it’s sure to hold up and look great. The pink dial on this beautiful watch is guided by a quartz movement and is protected with mineral crystal; so don’t worry about having to play nice while you’re wearing it. Secured with a buckle clasp, this is a fabulous statement piece that’s not for the faint of heart. Funky, colorful, and oh-so-fabulous, this watch would make a great gift for a teenage girl or a woman who isn’t afraid of color.

Mischa Barton Bags

While searching the internet I found Mischa Barton’s bag range. The range includes black leather totes with statement studs and locks and neutral satchels perfect for the office. For a more casual look choose the off duty style across body bags. Statement clutches in a range of colours would add glamour to any outfit for a night out. This means that you will be guaranteed to find a bag and colour combination to suit your mood, your outfit or even the weather. Mischa Barton is known for her vintage, bohemian style, her handbag range also includes preppy satchels and stud embellished bowlers and fashion forward doctors bags – catwalk replicas that will take you from the office to a night out in effortless style. There is a bag to suit everyone’s taste from edgy to classic and the range also follows current trends and as we move in to Autumn this means structured handbags in dark browns and blacks.

Mischa Barton bags have definitely been a fantastic fashion find and I now have such a large bag collection I am running out of storage space! I have had many positive comments and compliments from people about my varying styles of handbags but when I asked my friends to guess the celeb designer, most of them did not have a clue. I have been surprised at how many people had not really heard of the Mischa Barton range. As it appears to be somewhat of a secret, I have made it my mission to increase awareness and let everyone know what a great bag range it is. The range is available online from a number of outlets as well as being sold in stores around the world. So come on girls, get searching and treat yourself to a fabulous Mischa Barton bag. You can also put one (or two) on your Christmas list! I just hope they increase the range with every passing season so we can continue to change our bags as often as the weather!

History Of Fendi Bags

Fendi purses made their initial appearance in the United States during the 1980’s. With the high quality and popular brand in Italy and Rome the bags were an incredible hit with shoppers all over the United States. In addition to the sleek style and functional design, the hand bags are printed, woven, dyed and tanned which gives them a genuine look which is very sought after by models and individuals seeking high quality stylish bags.

During 1997, Silvia Venturini Fendi developed the style of the Fendi Baguette. These Fendi bags were meant to be carried underneath the arm, just like the loaf of bread of the same name. These kinds of baguette bags were made in over 600 variations and were made out of all sorts of unusual fabrics. The baguette bag grew to become very well liked because of the wide selection of materials and great size.

Fendi bags then released the Spy bag in 2005 which resulted in yet another rage of Fendi have to have bags. Around 2006 the Fendi Company came out with another design referred to as B Fendi Bag. The B Fendi Bags also came in a huge range of leathers and fabrics.

The main thing that is the same in all of the Fendi bags is the logo design. The logo of the double F with one F upside down is on every one of the handbags. The Fendi symbol is printed on material either on the outside of the bag or in the lining. The unique logo can be rubber stamped on the natural leather or on the handles, however the bags all have the Fendi signature emblem that sets them apart from imitators.

A lot of the Fendi bags are available with a dust cover to store the handbag and keep it in good shape. They also include a unique card that shows it is an authentic Fendi bag. These kinds of signature marks are the sought after designer marks of the high quality bags.

Fendi Company now has about 160 high end shops in 25 countries worldwide. The designer stores such as Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom all offer a large selection of Fendi styles. The bags are in a large array of colors and styles so a person can never have too many.

The Fendi Company has been designing high quality handbags for nearly 100 years and the beauty and usefulness of the handbags just make the bags that much more popular. These bags come in bright colors much like the Fendi multicolor woven clutch bag for the summer line of 2011. If the bright colors of the multicolor woven bag is simply too much, take a look at the Fendi Forever Mamma Anaconda Shoulder Bag. This handbag is a natural grey Anaconda skin and very practical for daily use. So no matter what time of year or model, Fendi will make a bag that is definitely to die for.