Drawstring Tote Bags

The main goal of promotional items, aside from showing gratitude to loyal customers and strengthening ties with industry associates, is enhancing brand awareness. In a nutshell, sales executives agree that the more consumers become aware of your brand, the more chances that they will purchase your products and services. By making your brand more familiar to more people, you are encouraging repeat purchases and attracting new customers as well.

Thus, the products you select for your promotional needs must reach maximum coverage to attain you ultimate goal – to help in increasing sales and boost the company income. Items such as bags ensure high visibility and usage in mobile and public situations that will guarantee more people, aside from the user, to take note of your company name and what it stands for. Specifying the bag to drawstring tote bags provide added value such as practicality, multi-functionality and versatility that helps create more impact as a marketing strategy.

Tote bags have come a long way since the simple, easy-use packs that were the pioneer designs. Today, they come in various shapes, colors and features while maintaining the basic elements, especially the easy access quality of the drawstring opening.

For instance, drawstring tote bags are now designed to accommodate the latest technology needs of your target market. One model provides an iPad Port on its outer pocket. This allows users to slip their headphones through a slot, and listen to music without taking out their gadget. The design also looks high-tech, with a polyurethane material that provides sufficient protection for the bag contents. The black strap and front zipper pocket can be ordered in two-tone combinations of black, green, orange, navy, orange, red, purple, royal blue and yellow. As this bag is a handy and versatile carry-all, you can expect that it can be used for school, office, and everywhere in between, such as on public commute systems and other high traffic areas, providing more coverage

Another great idea for a drawstring bag that’s perfect as a giveaway during occasions such as stadium or arena events, family fundraisers or sports tradeshows is a drawstring bag shaped like a sports ball. This is even more appropriate if your company is directly involved in a sports, health or fitness company. The more an item is related or connected with your company products and services, the more it can create a significant impact to your consumers.

Another option is a back-to-basic approach. Simple drawstring bags made of organic materials such as 100% cotton can create more impact than a futuristic design. A white canvas as backdrop for your company name and logo can highlight your brand more than any other loud color or complicated design. When your company values sustainability and greater responsibility, an eco-chic gift is sure to connect you with your environmentally conscious and active consumers.