Essential Coats

The leather jacket is always one that has been at the forefront of fashion. The style is often seen on cool and collected characters but is also an over garment that has been around for many years in the fashion industry. The style began when aviators and military servicemen praised the garment for its comfort and durability. It has also been linked to music sub cultures such as punks, Goths and metal heads who wore the wardrobe staple. Hollywood later took on the cover up and turned it into an iconic part of the silver screen after it appeared in many blockbuster movies.

The trench coat is one that has travelled a long journey through time. It started out as an alternative to the weighty serge coats that were worn by servicemen from Britain and France during World War one and two. It then evolved into a businessman’s outer garment that gives off a sense of respect and sophistication. The style of coat later appeared on many famous fictional heroes which also added to its gentry look. It is now known to many as an essential coat.

The pea coat originates from the sailors of American and European navies. Generally the cover up is made from navy coloured heavy wool, but these days it can be found in a range of colours. Its characteristics consist of broad lapels and a double breasted front with large buttons.

In modern day you will find these jackets and coats incorporating a range of different designs. Contemporary looks and on trends styles have modernised the cover ups to make them wearable in today’s fashion fuelled society. Whichever one you choose to wear you will certainly find one to help you update your look each winter season.