Fashion Design Cardigans

One of the most stylish designs by Elan international within the Elan cardigan sweater clothing line is the Elan wrap draped cardigan sweater with rips and safety-pin. The sweater is entirely made of cotton material and hence ironing is a must after washing. The rips running down from the chest section where the safety-pin joins the two pieces add fashion to the attire as they coil downwards to the hip section of your body and to the thighs. This type of Elan clothing will keep people glued to you to the point that you may even start blushing. It is such an eye catcher and without a shadow of doubt one of the best cardigan designs you can ever find.

This cardigan sweater from Elan international is worn with some under shirts or t-shirts for the purposes of avoiding extreme exposure, upon having attracted everyone with the absolute beauty in your outfit. The Elan cardigan sweater comes in different colors, styles and sizes, and is ideal for everyone. The open section in front provides an opportunity to the wearer of the dress to be able to put the pieces together in cases of extreme cold and part them when temperature goes up for some fresh air. This therefore indicates the flexibility of this well-designed cardigan from Elan clothing line that keeps on raising the standards in the world of fashion and design.

Apart from the cold seasons, we have seen that the Elan cardigan sweater can also be worn during other normal seasons as long as the heat is not extreme. This therefore presents you with an opportunity to wear the cardigan sweater from Elan international during various occasions. First and foremost, the sweater can be very ideal to be worn on a night out given that the temperature at times can go very low and hence the need of something to keep you warm. Elan clothing is usually designed to serve multiple purposes and hence the same applies to the cardigan sweater that can be used both during cold seasons and normal conditions. Besides this, it is good to note that the Elan wrap draped cardigan sweater with rips and safety-pin is one of the best design sweaters to put in your wardrobe as you welcome the spring.