Handcrafted Purses

Mix and Match

Mixing and matching patterns adds visual interest to your handmade purses, but avoid overdoing to to prevent fashion disasters.

Design your purses with your present wardrobe in mind. While you may love the personalized handbags that feature funky colors or outrageous designs, make sure that they won’t completely clash with what you have.

Use common colors like browns, blues or pinks to visually tie different patterns together. For example, fabric handbags that feature hot pink squares can be paired with a shirt that has the same colored stripes.

Budget Concerns

Handmade purses can still fit your budget if you design them to be multipurpose.

Buy a tote and use it occasionally as a back up diaper bag. While you may not want to use it for this purpose all the time, buying your accessories with more than one job in mind will help you save money.

Use antique pins or broaches handed down by your grandmother or mom to add a personal touch to handmade fabric bags. This allows you to dress up a bag without having to buy a fancier one.

Choose colors for your handcrafted purses that allow you to use them with several outfits. For example, if you wear a lot of orange or red, design personalized bags featuring only these colors.

Matching Sets for Traveling

Handmade fabric handbags and totes are great if you want to add some style to your travel accessories, and they can help safeguard your belongings as you travel as well.

Design your handmade purses with your luggage and travel sets in mind. A purse, a tote and a small suitcase that features the same pattern will look pulled together when you travel.

Select patterns for your handmade fabric handbags that stand out; these are more difficult to steal than a plain brown bag that matches all the other ones in the travel terminal.