Have Interesting Socks

When travelling abroad you have to go through a long security process and it has certainly become a lot stricter today than ever before. Airport security was a lot quicker to get through beforehand. However having the updated process does give you a better feeling of security as you know things are checked thoroughly. I cannot remember a time where you did not have to be at the airport two to three hours before takeoff and not having to walk through a detector machine to be searched on the other side of it. It is a routine you know will happen now.

Another fairly recent security update that takes place before walking through the detectors is via the removal of footwear. This is potentially meant to reduce your risk of being frisked by staff. You would think by now that people are prepared for this but many hate having to take off their footwear. When you are getting ready to leave for an airport you do not think about what type of socks you are going to put on. However if you are going to be baring all to the world you should do it with a groovy pair of socks on rather than having to walk through with bare feet or even worse, a holey, old pair! It is important to have on a fresh, clean pair of socks and then you will feel proud and comfortable to be showing of your feet in public.

Socks and shoes go hand in hand; they are a match made in Heaven! If you are wearing a pair of boots then you will probably be wearing some slipper socks. This may not be enough however if you always feel you have really cold feet You may need to include a thicker pair plus two pairs of ordinary socks underneath for extra warmth! Making sure your feet are toasty and warm is important to keep your body feeling comfortable throughout.

When arriving at a friend or relative’s home who have just had new carpet laid, you need to be prepared to show of your foot attire. You cannot just walk in with a muddy pair of shoes onto fresh flooring, no matter how much you dislike having your feet on display. Having some cool, brightly coloured socks on is more interesting than wearing a boring plain black pair. I personally love socks and am never embarrassed to show off my favourite grey pair with cupcakes all over them!

If you are proud to wear a nice new pair of boots then make sure what is inside them are new as well. Even high heels can be worn with frilly ankle socks in today’s world of fashion. After thinking about what socks you have on, you may wish to remember to put a pair you really like in your handbag. This way at least when you get on an aeroplane you can be more comfortable and warm. During winter time it is especially important to wear socks. There is no need for bare feet. They can be kept covered and warm with style.