Jean Alterations

These days, high fashion denims and designer jeans are probably the most stunning – and expensive – pieces in the wardrobe. When buying the perfect pair of jeans, one must keep several things in mind. Design, style, cut, fabric, colors, pattern and cost – there is a lot to think of. The fit is no less important since different people have different problem areas when it comes to wearing jeans. Typically, the waist, thigh, hip and crotch areas are the most problematic.

Although the buyer tries to find a pair of jeans that requires no alterations at all, most people find that even the best pair of jeans needs some amount of alteration. Sometimes, all that the jeans needs is hemming. Often, the alteration work may be more elaborate in scope, making it necessary to approach a talented and skilled tailor who excels in jean alterations. A great pair of jeans can add oodles of appeal while a sloppy pair can make one look frumpy and tubby. Hence the need to identify a tailor who excels in this kind of work.

Some of the most important points that must be kept in mind while altering jeans include:

  1. Hemming must not do away with any of the important details. It must not destroy the cut of the leg either, as in the case of a bootcut where hemming could reduce the size of the bootcut. Since the original hem of the jeans have a slight wave, many people prefer to keep the original hem. This could cost a little more but prevents the jeans from looking as if they were altered.
  2. In many cases, the waist may need to be taken in to ensure the perfect fit. When tucking the waist in, it is necessary to factor in the hips and the crotch area. A good tailor knows just how much to take in and how to work around the problem areas so as to ensure superb fit and great comfort.

When altering jeans, it is necessary to consider the type of fabric. Some fabrics shrink a little after they have been washed, others may sag a little and some may remain just the same. An experienced tailor can offer the right guidance and steer you away from making mistakes.