Leather Foldover Bag

  • A business tote: This foldover bag from Lucky Brand can be folded out (appearing to be a sort of “flat” look) to be used for business purposes. Used in this way, it can carry a laptop computer, folders and/or papers.
  • An everyday tote bag: Another version of this bag is folded over and worn over the shoulder as an all-purpose tote bag.
  • A messenger bag: Adding to the versatility of this bag is a crossover strap that comes with it, allowing the bag to be converted to a messenger bag – a handy use for students, business women and for women who just prefer a “hands free” way of carrying their things.
  • The looks: Personally I love the look of this bag. It has a sort of “earthy” appearance to it, with a fun yet rather simple design. The leather used is a high quality – quite soft and supple. It is also available in different styles including the original design, a version with a perforated top in a grey shade called “Iron Gates” while another style comes in black embroidered with bright, colorful threads.
  • Colors: The colors available for the Lucky Foldover Bag are as variable as it’s styles. It can be found in traditional light and dark brown, black and some very bright and bold colors such as “Ultraviolet” blue, “Dusty Lavendar”, and “Green Envy”. No matter the color preference of a lady who might be searching for such a versatile bag, there is sure to be a shade that will be just right.

No matter what color or specific style is chosen for the Lucky Leather Foldover Bag (also known as the Lucky Brand “Abbey Road”), it’s hard to deny that it is one of the most gorgeous and functional bags around for women.