Long And Short Of Long Skirts

To emphasize on the silhouette, these skirts often use vertical seams. This creates a straight elastic seam running up till the waist area. Naturally, the look generated is perfectly homogenous on the eyes. Some of the more stylish and fashionable long skirts use a smart mini-skirt underneath. This helps against fashion mishaps and also ensures a more chic silhouette on the waistline.

There is so much you can add to a long skirt to make it more interesting. Sometimes you can improvise with scoop necks or long-pleated shoulders, at other times you can couple them with sequined hemlines or broad shoulder pads. Whether you buy them in silk chiffon or polyester or viscose, they never fail to hit the right fashion button. This is largely due to their versatility.

Take the front-slit skirt for example. This one is only for those ladies who know the nuances of carrying a glitzy outfit. The front slit gives the viewers something to think about and naturally increases the grace of the dress. Such a variation nearly always comes with a hidden lateral zipper. Even in their layered tanks or high splits or maxi skirts, such skirts create quite a stir on the masses. You just need to remember the best possible way of wearing them.

  • If it is a long full skirt, it must only be worn by those who are gifted with at least moderate height. The greater the height the better it is. Tank tops couple best with this variation. It is recommended to wear them with very thin tops. Big chunky necklaces are also well-desired accessories for the full long skirts.
  • If it is a fitted skirt, long slits are bound to go well with them.
  • Round-neck sweaters are known to create the right kind of stir.
  • Straight, body-hugging skirts emphasize your curves or silhouette even further.