Make Fancy Dress Costumes

  • Select a second hand flower-girl dress

Make sure the dress doesn’t have obvious damages such as gaping holes or stains. If it has rips, find a way to mend it. Green tulle skirts that have ripped hemlines are easy to repair. Get some sharp shears and cut of the skirt evenly. You can make your child wear green leggings underneath to achieve the fairy princess look.

Another tip is to find a dress that has a low-cut bodice, definite waistline, and a full skirt. You can choose to add even more layers to make the dress costume grander.

  • Measure your child’s waistline and add an inch. Find the centre of the grosgrain ribbon and mark the measurement in half in one direction and the other half, in the opposite direction.
  • Select four different colours of tulle or netting shades that are close to the dress

For example, if the dress is red, you can choose light red, pink, light pink and fuchsia for the colours of the netting. You will need four times the measurement of your child’s waist. Place the layers of tulle or netting on top of each other with the darkest shade on the bottom and the lighter colours on top of it.

Put a straight pin every six inches on the length of the tulle. Gather the tulle or netting and get the length of the fabric using a needle and thread. Make sure it is equivalent to your child’s waistline while leaving an inch of space. Knot the thread every six inches.

  • The next step would be to sew the tulle onto the ribbon so that the gathered tulle is in the centre of the ribbon. Cut the longest layer of fabric so it grazes the floor. Cut the next layer of tulle, six inches shorter than the longest layer. The third layer should be 12 inches shorter than the longest layer while the fourth is 18 inches shorter than the first one.
  • Customize the tulle

You can choose fabric flowers, sequins, and other fancy trinkets. You can sew them on or attach them using a glue gun. Add some flowers on the bodice of the dress. You can choose to cover the straps with small flowers or place a large flower right in the sleeves.

Tie the skirt you created with tulle and ribbon and tie the wider satin ribbon over the thin ribbon.

  • Accessorize!

Attractive costumes come with extra accessories. Add a nice tiara or buy some faux diamond necklaces. You can even look for long velvet gloves that match the shade of the dress. You can also add some sparkly bracelets over the gloves.