Multiple Scarves

Pulling a scarf through the belt loop of khakis or jeans is a nice way to dress up a casual look. If you want to add some new color, twist two or three scarves together and use them as a belt for a pair of pants, a skirt, or your favorite dress.

You can also weave several scarves together and tie them around your neck. This will make a nice accent if you wear a top with an open collar. You can mix to solid colored scarves or a solid and print scarf so that you can try to add a different pattern to an outfit.

When wearing scarves, you can add layers to an outfit. When the air is chilly or the day is windy, you will want to have something to keep the air out of the neck of your jacket and keep your head warm. Use one scarf around your head to keep your hair in place, and another wrapped around your neck to keep the cold air from finding the openings of your jacket. If you are spending the day outdoors, this is a great way to stay warm.

When you are creating layers with scarves, you can also do this with a dress suit. Wearing a scarf tied and knotted on your hip, you can create a harem look that is popular in today’s fashion. Match this with a scarf of a different color around your shoulders or neck to bring color and flair to least seasons dress.

Owning multiple scarves makes sure that you have this important accessory for different times of the year. Earth tones are great for fall, pastels are nice for spring, and white is perfect for summer. With scarves in different colors and patterns, you will always have the scarf you need to complete your outfit.

When twisting two scarves together, there are different ways that you can combine them for a new look. You can knot one scarf and then wrap it around the other one to create a new look. You can take three different scarves and braid them together for a belt that can look like you bought it at your favorite boutique.

When knotting multiple scarves, you may want to add a scarf clip or a brooch to help keep them in place. A brooch is a nice accent for a black tie affair or a professional office. A scarf clip will complete a casual or fashionable look, depending on the type of clip that you use.