Roman Tunic

It is a simple dress which is comfortable to wear. It fits to anyone’s body very easily. Nowadays, these dresses are liked by most of the women. These dresses are becoming a priority to every woman. As the tunic dress came into existence from Roman civilization, so this dress is known as Roman Tunic. The word tunic is originated from a Latin word “Tunica”.

Now this roman dress is further modified in order to make it worn by the women. They are made with new patterns and designs keeping in mind the different trends emerging these days. However these dresses are available in some very beautiful colors which help in adding grace to women. Most of the women have large collection of these dresses in their wardrobe.

The ancient roman dress was made in a specific way. The cloth’s length in those tunics used to vary. Sometimes it extends to the knees or sometimes to the middle of the thighs and ankles. They use to have an opening which was specially designed for the head. It is very stylish and gives a good comfort to the person who wears that dress.

Today, tunics are available in various lengths and styles. There are short tunics that can be worn like a mini dress. It looks beautiful when paired with sandals other nice footwear. They also look great when worn with a nice fitted jean. One can also wear these tunics with a short skirt. Generally, these styles suit a lot to tall girls. These are also perfect wear for summer.

There were many historians who believed that Roman Tunic was very stylish and unique form of dressing which is different from the clothing found during other decades. There were different varieties and patterns of fibers used to create the roman clothing. Usually the fabrics such as wool, hemp, linen etc were used to stitch the tunics.

In the ancient Roman period, people used to wear different types of tunics according to their status in the society. There was another different kind of dress which was wrapped over the tunic to enhance the grace of the tunic. That was a long sash structured cloth known as “Toga”.

The men in the roman period wore a tunic every time whether they are at home or they went out. Their tunics were similar to a long tee-shirt. The type of tunic used to differ from one class to another. The tunic which was worn by common people and slaves were made up of coarse cloth and was usually dark in color. Patricians use to wear the tunics which were white in color made of wool or linen. These tunics established a new style for the people to be worn today in different occasions.