Secret Sales

Secret sales are retailers attempt to make you feel like you are part of a select group of shoppers. They come addressed to you either by mail or email and contain special offers. The deals that they offer are special and typically not exclusive. You can share the deals with friends and family. In fact, you are encouraged to share and often given a reward of some kind if you do. The inner circle for Walmart secret sales, secret sales Best Buy, and any other retailers is simple to enter.

If you’ve shopped the brick and mortar store you’ve heard the secret sales pitch: “sign up for email notice of our sales!”. This is the best way to get these great deals. If you are hesitant to share your regular email you can set up an email account used exclusively for sale notices. This is a great way to keep your personal email separate! So, the next time the check out clerk asks you to sign up for emails, do it.

Another way to get into the secret sales inner circle is to shop retailer’s online stores. They typically have a link to sign up for notices of their sales. Again, use your sale email account so that you can keep notices separate from your regular email. Most notices will come around peak shopping times. If you are signed up with multiple retailers you’ll be able to easily compare the offers and make wise purchasing choices.

Secret sales are no good to your budget if you don’t take advantage of them. If the sale needs a coupon or a code, print it and keep it with you shopping lists/plans. If a specific retailer has an offering you want, but no sale, ask if they will match another retailers special. It’s important to have the coupon, code or offer to show them. They do want your business but they also want proof of the deals their competitors are offering.

Sales run in cycles and you can plan your buying decisions around that cycle. White sales are huge in January, back to schools sales and office supplies are mainly in July/August. Electronics go on sale before Christmas and right before/ after a new model of an item has been released. Sales on large ticket items tend to be best at the end of the month or quarter as the retailers strive to reduce their inventory and increase their sales figures.

Finally, remember that the secret sales are meant to be shared! Become avid at sharing and you’ll get some great tips in return. If you share widely enough you may even enter another circle, that “loyal customer circle” where retailers send you bonus secret sales. Have fun, shop well and share!