Shopping Improves Customer Service

Impartial feedback

When a professional mystery shopping company is hired, they send employees to act as real shoppers at a retail store. The secret shoppers are taught to assess several things like the attitude of the sales staff, their willingness to help, the level of politeness and so on. Once this data is collected, it is shared with the client.

On the other hand, when you don’t hire a mystery shopping company, you need to rely on the feedback provided by the manager of the store regarding the employees. Sometimes, managers may offer feedback that is not entirely true just to protect the people he likes most. On the contrary, a mystery shopping company will offer true feedback regarding the state of the sales staff, thereby helping to improve the overall customer service.

Overall assessment

An in-house manager gets paid to run the store and manage the staff within it. While being a leader and helping the employees grow or improve their quality of service is also part of his job, he may not always focus the relevant amount of time doing it. A mystery shopping company helps provide an overall assessment on the state of the customer service and sales department. This helps the main employer to know where the real drawbacks lie and how he can fix them.

This overall assessment will eventually help in training the staff in the areas they lack most at.

On Alert and on guard

Employees or store managers who know mystery shoppers may be around at any point of time to secretly assess them will always end up being on guard. They will try to showcase a more professional and cordial image. This ‘on guard’ sentiment will in turn keep their services at a proficient level. Many┬ámystery shopping companies┬átend to share the decision of hiring mystery shoppers with their staff and retail outlets. The only thing they may not divulge is the day and time of the mystery shopper’s arrival – which of course have to be kept secret in any case.