Style Expert on Handbags

  • Flatter your figure. The more curvaceous your shape, the more structured, i.e. rectangular or square design, your bag should be. Also, larger bags look better on a larger women and a smaller bag look best on smaller-framed woman. A shoulder bag’s length will accentuate the part of the body it hits, i.e. your waist or hips. Large-busted women should opt for shoulder bags that hit below the bust to avoid looking top-heavy. The length which flatters most women is anywhere from her mid-torso to the top of her hip bone.
  • Complement your lifestyle. The bag has to hold all of your normal handbag contents (not junk…). You need to have easy access to your wallet, phone, keys, tissues, and lipstick and should not have to be bothered with complicated closures or zippers that jam. If you commute via a public transit system, look for straps that can be worn across your chest and avoid big totes that put strain on your shoulders and neck.
  • Know your signature style. What are the key shapes, colors and fabrics that make up your undeniable style? The personality of your handbag should truly be a reflection of this. I typically recommend sticking with neutral colors when you add bolder colors to your wardrobe. However, if you prefer neutral colors for your wardrobe, add a boldly-colored handbag to your signature style. A high-quality leather handbag is the best choice for year-round use since you can count on it for daily use. You might want to consider adding a fabric or straw bag to your wardrobe for weekend or warm weather looks.
  • Think return on investment. Before you grab that trendy and stylish bag, ask yourself how many opportunities you will have to use it. If you can only think of one event, put it right back. Or does it look great, but it looks like it is constructed poorly? Again, put it back on the shelf. You want to stick with a bag, which will provide multiple opportunities for use and won’t collect dust on your shelf or be forgotten in a box.

You can easily become a style expert on handbags by following the steps above. Also, remember that your choice in handbag should always signify that you’re quite comfortable with your signature style.