T-Shirt Plastic Bags

While it is illegal to deliberately short counts, investigations are rarely known to occur simply because of the few complaints issued to authorities. The few customers that do find out about the shortage usually contact the company. The company then refunds the difference or sends the number of bags shorted. Of course it can be a legitimate error on the companies part and most purchasers look at it as such.

One way for a company to bypass these the laws by not printing the bag count on each case. This is often done with the standard size grocery size plastic t-shirt bags. Accepted and implied packing is 1,000 per case. This has been the standard count for many years. However now that these companies have been successful in cheating their customers, now more of them are pushing the shortage envelope by selling 800, 700 and even 500 in some cases. The buyer sees the case of t-shirt bags, the case size is the same as the 1,000 count size and the sale is made. Often times the low quantity bags packed, such as those packed in 500 counts are slightly thicker so the lack of weight isn’t too obvious. Just think, a customer who unknowingly purchases a 500 count case instead of a 1,000 count case will be buying twice as many cases from that wholesaler. Thus the motive behind the scam.

One tip off of a short count is extremely low priced plastic t-shirt bags. The old saying applies here, “if it appears too good to be true, it usually is”. Another tip off is discussed above, if the carton does not have the case count printed on it, then beware. The third tip off is what I call rogue wholesalers who basically are plastic t-shirt bag street pounders. These are people who visit stores, flea markets and craft fairs selling t-shirt bags. In nearly all instances these sellers are shorting the counts. They depend on the quick sale and for the customer to immediately begin using the bags. Once the purchaser begins using these bags, the rogue wholesalers are off the short count claim hook.

The weight is how to expose the short count. On a standard case of 13 mic t-shirt plastic bags the gross weight for 1,000 should be between 12 and 13 depending on the carton. If you receive a 10 pound carton it will be worthwhile to begin counting, especially if you purchased several cartons as these shortages can add up quickly. Learn the proper weights on that particular size and thickness of t-shirt bag. When in doubt if you are being cheated, ask the company the weight and then ask their competitor. When you receive the t-shirt bag carton, weigh it immediately.

There are reputable companies that wholesale t-shirt bags. These are usually companies that have withstood the test of time and also companies that are both brick and mortar along with a website. Check the company by checking BBB reports and reading reviews of the company online. It’s always a good idea to know who you are buying from. Trust is the number one factor in making your decision to purchase any product.