Tips to follow before going for shopping

Well, one of the best stress buster for all the shopaholics is going and buying clothes.  We all make an excuse to go and only do window shopping but end up buying a bag full of clothes.  Although momentarily it makes us exceedingly happy but when we reach the last week of the month, we sigh for not saving up enough but next month we again buy clothes and regret it. Now this is a vicious cycle so I will jot down few tips which will make you only shop for the things which are necessary. This will help you shop better and even save money.

clothes from the wholesalers

1) List down the things you want to buy:  At the end of every month, list down the clothes you bought that month. Now scan your wardrobe and write down things you absolutely want and write them under the heading need, now if you still want something extra you can make another column ‘extra’ and write them under that. This way you will be aware of what clothes you own and you will tend to invest less. For example if you go to a shop and see a beautiful pair of jeans, when you will have an inclination to go and buy it, you will remember in the back of your mind that you already have seven pairs of jeans at home and buying this is absolutely unnecessary.

2) Do some research: After you make a list of your needs, you can always search which brand sells it in cheaper price but at the same time has a good quality. This saves you from buying those fancy clothes which looks good but after few months, the threads start coming out, the buttons fall off etc.  Doing research keeps you aware that which shop you should directly enter when making a purchase. This not only saves you from hunting one hundred shops for buying one piece of cloth but also helps in controlling your cravings for buying more clothes.

3) Purchase online: Although online stores, give us even a  bigger panel to select clothes from yet it’s mostly cheaper than the original stores. You also get different discounts and that helps you in saving a lot of money.  Even if you buy more than what you need you can still get it in your budget because online stores sell it in a cheaper price. It’s mostly because they directly get it from wholesalers and that helps them in cutting the cost. With a minimal shipping fee you get better clothes in cheaper price. What more can a shopper ask for?

Apart from all these you can always buy from wholesalers because they sell clothes right after manufacturing and that cuts down the extra price of distributors and transport. This is a great option if you’re buying kid’s clothing because we buy clothes for them in bulk and it helps a lot in saving extra money. You can contact various kid’s clothing wholesalers and then buy clothes from the wholesalers which suits your needs. These tips are extremely helpful and will help you save a lot of money in the long run