Ways to Look Better

It’s in the Details

Dressing too plain can add years to your appearance. Adding a few simple details can transform your outfit and your outlook.

If you like to wear black slacks and an ivory sweater, why not give this classic style a little energy by adding an animal print scarf, shoes, or handbag? This easy addition takes you from predictable to quietly stunning.

Perhaps you like to wear all black, and maybe it’s one of your favorite colors, but it’s not your best color. One way to update your outfit is to add a print scarf in the colors that make your skin glow, and your eyes shine. With the simple twist of a scarf, you can go from cat-burglar to the cat’s meow.

A word of warning here: too many accessories or several prints with one outfit can have a negative impact on your image. A skirt that is too short or too tight with a bold pattern on the wrong body type doesn’t make you look younger or thinner.

Color Matters

Many times all it takes to turn an outfit from a dud to dazzling is the use of color.

The neutral-colored cardigan or blazer already in your closet, is refreshed when worn over a print blouse or a fine-gauge t-shirt from your color palette. You can add just the right amount of pizzazz with a colorful belt or purse. Shimmer comes with the addition of a brooch or ring.

Going for a walk or run, and still want to look good? If the weather is chilly, staying true to your best colors, add some bright gloves and a matching scarf.

You can wear patterns you might normally shy away from when they are in your palette of colors. Why not try wearing your neutral cardigan or blazer into a store and try on something new and bold in your colors? Take an adventurous friend a long or ask a sales representative to give you her unbiased opinion.

There’s a powerful benefit to wearing clothes in your most complimentary colors: you feel beautiful, inside and out.

It’s in the Jeans

You can go from frumpy to fabulous by changing your jeans. First, avoid all jeans (or slacks) with elastic waistbands. They will sag and add both pounds and age to your style.

Jeans come in all sizes and with important details like belt loops and front pockets. You may never use the belt loops, but having them means the jeans are cut to be worn with a belt if you choose. You want style options.

When shopping for jeans, try them on in the store where you can see how they fit from all angles. (Yes, those three-way mirrors are our friends) Look for a brand that compliments your shape and your budget – they are out there. Avoid jeans that are “too” – too short, too long, too baggy, or too tight. Walk around the store in them. Sit down. Today’s jeans often have some stretch in them – a positive addition only if they retain their shape.

The right pair of jeans can make you feel and look better now.


Shoes are now designed in more styles. Flats, heels, pumps, and boots are a fantastic fashion detail that can jazz up an outfit quickly. Although it’s still best when wearing a dress, to wear shoes in basic colors, that changes when wearing jeans or slacks.

Flats or ballerina slippers are “in” right now and come in many colors and textures. A plain pair can be dressed up with a bow or shoe embellishments. A pair of slippers in a bright color (or colors) with sequins, paired with black slacks and a bold colored silk blouse takes a party outfit to an elegant new level.

There’s another benefit to wearing flats: women find them easier to walk in and this adds a simple grace to their gait.

Go Granny Go!

Now days being a grandma doesn’t mean old or frumpy, and it doesn’t mean your wardrobe should be either.

Any piece of clothing with the word “granny” attached to it has to go. If it looks like a quilt or an afghan, take a nap under it. Long, shapeless or empire waist floral print dresses don’t hide bulges and can make you look like you have them when you don’t. These items add at least ten years to your appearance. Lose them, lose the years.

Here are two tips to help age-defy your wardrobe:

  • update your underwear – seamless underpants eliminate most panty lines and are comfortable
  • invest in a couple of bras that not only fit, but eliminate any obvious sag and bag

Face It

Your hair and can make a big difference in how you look and feel. Although it’s not on your face, it frames it. Coloring your hair isn’t required, but for many women the change of a shade lighter or darker is transforming. A fresh cut that is easy to style is a beauty essential. If your stylist isn’t listening, here’s a tip for finding one who will: look at the women around you. If you see one or two with styles and color that complements their natural beauty, ask them who their stylist is.

Another easy way to look and feel more beautiful is to find the right shade of lipstick. For some women, a bit of clear gloss is all they need. As we age, the color in our lips fades. Sometimes with all the options available, it’s hard to choose a color that is one of your best colors (some women choose a brand and color as part of their signature style). Why not go with a trusted friend to several of the cosmetic counters at your local mall? You could both try on shades and give each other your honest opinions about your selections. Write down the names and brands of the ones you like best, take a break for coffee or lunch, and then go back and by the one you both think added color to your skin, sparkle to your eyes, and complimented your smile and style.