Why is vaping so popular, and how are companies making money in such a competitive market?

Vaping devices are common among teens and has become the most commonly used form of nicotine among youths. The easy availability and the belief that they are safer than cigarette has helped to make it attractive. Originally intended for adults, various reasons are accounting for the popularity with the younger generation.

Why is vaping popular?

Here, we would consider the reasons why vaping has become so appealing to many people. Some of these reasons are highlighted below.

  • They are sleek and discreet

When you smoke cigarettes, the smell of the tobacco hangs around you like a perfume. It is not the same as vaping. There is no harsh smell with vaping, which makes it difficult for the right authorities to discover an addicted youth. Since smoking among teenagers is not acceptable, vaping, which attracts no attention, is appreciated as it has the same effect as cigarettes. Also, vaping devices are sleek. Some come with looks similar to a USB drive. The beauty of its design and the absence of smell makes vaping all the more appealing.

  • They are addictive

There is a rise in vaping products because many people are becoming addicted to them. These products contain nicotine, which is very addictive and is also found in cigarettes. Withdrawing from the use of nicotine itself results in serious symptoms enough to discourage anyone from doing so. These symptoms include but are not limited to nervousness, restlessness, and fatigue.

  • Sweet taste

Many people are also attracted to vaping because of its sweet taste. Different flavors come with the vape device like mint, mango, cucumber, and many more. Since these flavors appeal to the human taste-buds, it is no wonder that vaping is widely appreciated.

An increase in participation of vaping by people, especially youths, has led to the rise in production and sales of vape devices. The competition to out-do each other in the manufacture of these devices is very strong. In a market as competitive as this, how do companies make their money?

How do companies make money in the competitive market of vaping?

· Location

Companies that pick a high-trafficked area for the sale of their product tend to be patronized more.

· Exceptional customer service

Excellent customer service is key to running any business successfully. It involves having extensive knowledge of the product and moving along with the latest trends. These attributes, combined with respect for customers, will tip the edge for any company. Respect for customers involves replying to complaints quickly and essentially satisfying the customer.

· Social networking/online marketing

Since the world is now a global village, there is a wider range of customers that can be found online. Companies like Misthub have been able to use the internet to market vapes effectively. Reviews must be read before making an order. You can check here for Misthub reviews.

· Providing quality products

Customers’ loyalty is always guaranteed when the quality of the product is excellent. To be relevant in the vape market, you must make sure to produce and sell quality products.