Month: February 2020

Accessorize Like A Pro

Statement Jewelry

Statement jewelry are all the rage this season. It can definitely spruce up a simple outfit. Depending on its design, it will complement a certain look that you want to go for. Is it going to be bohemian style, edgy or classy? Take your pick.

Make Everything Colorful

When you are wearing an outfit, try to experiment with color. Basic color blocking can do the trick. Try to match solid colored or neutral pieces with interesting necklaces. You can also choose a bright colored bag for a pop of color.

Invest in Good Bags And Shoes

Good quality bags and shoes are what takes your style up a notch. Try to wear a distressed looking oversized shirt with skinny jeans. Tuck in the front part of the shirt inside the pants and then belt it in place. Use a unique bag and a pair of shoes that give … Read the rest

Eco Budget Cotton Bags

You now have to consider how to get these bags to potential customers as the whole point of the bag is to make more sales. Why not give them out at school fetes, car boot sales, jumble sales or anywhere that second hand goods are offered for sale. Another idea is to approach charity shops and offer them a supply to put their goods in, so much nicer than a tatty old reused carrier bag that the donations arrived in. Eco- friendly and reusable they will be gratefully received by the staff and the customers alike. You will be perceived as a caring business owner supporting charities and eco-friendly to boot.

These potential customers are readily willing to purchase second hand goods of the type you offer which is a form of recycling in itself; and are always on the lookout for a new outlet for them to rummage through … Read the rest

Make Shoes Last Longer

Practice Shoe Rotation

Never wear the same pair two days in a row. Given a chance to dry out, your shoes will last twice as long.

How Shoe Trees Can Help

Your shoes were built on a wooden last which molded the leather into shape. Shoe trees can keep them that way. Cedar trees work the best, for the wood from which they are made absorbs both moisture and foot odor. Insert the larger portion well into the toe box and push on the metal stem to press the tree snugly into the shoe.

How to Waterproof Your Shoes

It’s best to waterproof your shoes right out of the box. First, get the right product for your shoes’ material. Remove shoelaces and clean the shoes thoroughly. Now, have at it.

What to Do if Your Shoes Get Wet

Wet shoes can turn moldy, so they must be dried as soon … Read the rest

Skull Bandana Styles

Pirate design skull bandanas

Probably the most popular (or at least well known) design is the classic black or red colored pirate style head scarf. It goes well with almost every type of attire and accessorizes your dress well.

Skull caps in bandana style

These skull caps which are styled as bandanas are one impressive form of art and creativity. The fabric which is generally used is of polyester on the inside and nylon on the outside for good fitting and comfort. This type of unique material combination helps to soak the moisture and keeps your head sweat free.

Skull face masks

This is a version that covers your face completely. It is especially popular among bikers and snowboarders.This is also the version that is most often worn for functional purposes. It shields your face from insects and dirt when riding a bike. And when snowboarding, you can wear one … Read the rest

Christmas Shopping Ideas

Shopping, like Santa Claus, seems to be synonymous with Christmas. Now Santa certainly has to have a strategy to get all his gifts ready by Christmas Eve, but he doesn’t seem inclined to share his plan. We know that he must be very organized to accomplish his yearly mission so maybe we can use that hint for our shopping this year.

Santa is not the only one who has a strategy for getting gifts together, so do retailers. They always hope that the upcoming Christmas sales will be huge. Their strategy is to get customers into their stores and to do so they advertise big time with such enticements as: pre-Christmas markdowns, early bird and night owl specials. Some stores feature rub off tickets, like those used in the lottery, for further markdowns.

Retailers advertise so much during the Christmas season because this is their big sales time each year. … Read the rest

Handcrafted Purses

Mix and Match

Mixing and matching patterns adds visual interest to your handmade purses, but avoid overdoing to to prevent fashion disasters.

Design your purses with your present wardrobe in mind. While you may love the personalized handbags that feature funky colors or outrageous designs, make sure that they won’t completely clash with what you have.

Use common colors like browns, blues or pinks to visually tie different patterns together. For example, fabric handbags that feature hot pink squares can be paired with a shirt that has the same colored stripes.

Budget Concerns

Handmade purses can still fit your budget if you design them to be multipurpose.

Buy a tote and use it occasionally as a back up diaper bag. While you may not want to use it for this purpose all the time, buying your accessories with more than one job in mind will help you save money.

Use … Read the rest

Vera Bradley Outlet Sale

Despite the fact that I adore Vera Bradley products, I kept my distance, for the same reason that I avoid the shopping malls the day after Thanksgiving. I imagined shoppers racing into the sale to duke it out over the best bargains. Also, the idea of sifting through tables laden with a mix of Vera Bradley products sounded too much like a rummage sale to me. On top of that, being the impatient person that I am, I did not want to even think about the lines to check out.

As soon as I entered the sale, all preconceived notions I had regarding the sale vanished. I was greeted at the door by a pleasant lady, who handed me a large pink plastic bag and a list of the products available for purchase at the sale. The list, complete with pictures, included the discounted prices, as well as clearly identified … Read the rest

Bridal Shops

A positive sign for any store is when the shop owner or a sales person is willing to tell you the types of policies they have concerning disasters like fires, weather mishaps, or bankruptcy that could shut down the store and force them not to deliver the dress on time. Many a wedding has been made less than 100 % perfect because of a bridal shop’s failure to deliver.

The location of the store matters. A bride, with everything she has to do, does not want to travel long distances for the fittings, and remember that a bridal gown may require several fittings, no matter how perfect the torso of the bride may be.

The average price of the bridal gowns sold in a shop should be the first question to ask, since that will give an idea up front if that store is for you. Then, the next question … Read the rest

Barbour Jackets For Quality

Among the large collection of Barbour outerwear, quilted jackets seem to be hogging the limelight at the moment. The Barbour quilted jacket is known for its quality, practicality and style – its finely sewn diamond quilts give it good insulation for the colder months. The Barbour quilted jackets come in a variety of colours and styles, some will have contemporary chest pockets and others have hand warmer pockets slightly lower down (they usually have extra padding to keep your hands warm during winter). Some of the jackets have cord collars to contrast with the quilted diamonds, and all of the jackets have a fully-quilted polyamide lining and 100% polyester wadding for extra warmth and insulation.

Quilted jackets are hitting high-street stores as they have become so popular, and designer brands like Barbour always have to deal with cheaper high-street imitations. The majority of the time these imitation pieces do not … Read the rest

Cole Haan Bags

Man or woman, you need to be focused on closing the deal and not whether or not you have all the things you need to organize yourself as you travel from customer to customer. The last thing you want to worry about is the impression you make with a an old canvas laptop bag.

With more electronic gadgets like PDAs, laptops, and phones to carry around you can drive yourself crazy trying to keep yourself organized and efficient. You need for a great looking shoulder bag with multiple compartments for storage and separation to keep things where they need to be without sacrificing executive presence.

The customary briefcase is no longer practical if you have to carry it between customer appointments. Without a shoulder strap as part of your bag design, you are asking for sore arms and hands as your trudge through the city.

With this in mind, there … Read the rest