Abandoned Shopping Cart

Pop-up Messages

You can create strategic messages that pop up either when the customer first abandons his cart or the next time he enters your site. In the first case, you can include offers such as shopping discounts either online or in-store, an offer for a print catalog, or email opt-ins that will encourage him to complete the sale or shop with you later. If you want the pop-up to appear the next time the customer visits your site, you can include a link to his previous cart contents, a discount on the items he previously placed in his cart, or a summary of deals on similar items or cross- and up-sells.

Email Follow-Ups

If the customer has previously opted in to receive emails from you, send him an email that lists his cart contents along with targeted messaging that will encourage him to complete the sale. You can also send an email several days before his cart contents expire, reminding him of the abandoned shopping cart and letting him know how much time he has to complete the sale. If an item goes on sale or a current sale is about to end, create urgency by letting the customer know the price is about to change and you’ll increase web sales.

Special Discounts

Discount offers can be incorporated in any follow-up method, but use them carefully. Don’t train your customers to abandon their carts in hopes of receiving a special discount. Instead small discounts interspersed with other motivational techniques to encourage sale completion.

Save Cart Contents

If your site can save the information in the abandoned shopping cart, let the customer know that either by email or the next time he visits. Displaying previously selected items may jog his memory about items of interest and may encourage him to go ahead and complete the sale.