Andis Flat Iron

High-tech combination of tourmaline and ceramic

The Andis irons use a combination of tourmaline crystals and ceramic plates that straightens hair super quick and with minimal damage. This enables hair to be soft, ultra smooth and shiny without frizz, unlike non ceramic straightens that can damage hair from overheating of the hair cuticles, causing them to dry out. The Tourmaline and ceramic combination also preserves natural oils and improves moisture retention in the hair, resulting in a sleek and glossy finish.

Create versatile looks on different hair types

The Andis irons are a versatile hair straightener thanks to its twenty variable heat settings. The adjustable temperature makes them suitable for straightening all hair types, for example fine hair only requires a low temperature for a straight result – using the highest temperature when not needed will certainly damage your hair. You can also create many cool looks with the straightener by flicking out, waving or curling your hair as well as simply straightening, meaning no need to purchase extra styling utensils.

High temperature helps to create long lasting styles

The temperature can reach up to 450 F on the Andis ceramic hair straighteners, helping to create long-lasting styles. This is also ideal if you have thick or curly hair and require a high temperature to achieve the straight look. Although Andis states the hair straighteners heat up in thirty seconds, some customers have reported it takes a few minutes to reach the highest temperature – this is something to keep in mind if you’re looking for a ceramic flat iron that heats up super-fast.

A great value product from a reputable brand

One of the main benefits of the Andis product is its great value, the ultra-low price has attracted many customers who have reported they’re just as good as brands such as Conair and Chi. These hair straighteners are perfect for people on a low budget, plus you can trust the brand’s reputation and levels of quality as Andis have been creating personal grooming products for Americans since the 1920s.

It’s easy to find cheap Andis flat irons when shopping online

Shopping online saves money and is easier than going to the mall to compare the best deals. Checking out different websites for the cheapest price on the Andis flat irons is more convenient than walking back and fro between stores. It is also quicker to find Andis sellers online when searching for stores that sell the ceramic hair straighteners. Additionally special deals are a benefit of shopping online, many websites will offer the Andis flat iron cheaper than in stores due to websites having fewer overheads.

Tips to find the best prices for the Andis straighteners online

Andis flat irons are great value to start off with, but you can find them at a cheaper price by following these few tips:

  • Check the Andis brand website for a flat iron sale.
  • Check out larger reputable online stores that sell Andis products; for example Amazon consistently has special offers on Andis flat irons or eBay may offer brand new and barely used models at cut prices.
  • Wherever you choose to buy, read the customer reviews on each site – they will inform on whether the site is trusted and may advise on the best places to buy the product.