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Tips to follow before going for shopping

Well, one of the best stress buster for all the shopaholics is going and buying clothes.  We all make an excuse to go and only do window shopping but end up buying a bag full of clothes.  Although momentarily it makes us exceedingly happy but when we reach the last week of the month, we sigh for not saving up enough but next month we again buy clothes and regret it. Now this is a vicious cycle so I will jot down few tips which will make you only shop for the things which are necessary. This will help you shop better and even save money.

clothes from the wholesalers

1) List down the things you want to buy:  At the end of every month, list down the clothes you bought that month. Now scan your wardrobe and write down things you absolutely want and write them under the heading need, now if you still want something extra you can make another column ‘extra’ and write them under that. This way you will be aware of what clothes you own and you will tend to invest less. For example if you go to a shop and see a beautiful pair of jeans, when you will have an inclination to go and buy it, you will remember in the back of your mind that you already have seven pairs of jeans at home and buying this is absolutely unnecessary.

2) Do some research: After you make a list of your needs, you can always search which brand sells it in cheaper price but at the same time has a good quality. This saves you from buying those fancy clothes which looks good but after few months, the threads start coming out, the buttons fall off etc.  Doing research keeps you aware that which shop you should directly enter when making a purchase. This not only saves you from hunting one hundred shops for buying one piece of cloth but also helps in controlling your cravings for buying more clothes.

3) Purchase online: Although online stores, give us even a  bigger panel to select clothes from yet it’s mostly cheaper than the original stores. You also get different discounts and that helps you in saving a lot of money.  Even if you buy more than what you need you can still get it in your budget because online stores sell it in a cheaper price. It’s mostly because they directly get it from wholesalers and that helps them in cutting the cost. With a minimal shipping fee you get better clothes in cheaper price. What more can a shopper ask for?

Apart from all these you can always buy from wholesalers because they sell clothes right after manufacturing and that cuts down the extra price of distributors and transport. This is a great option if you’re buying kid’s clothing because we buy clothes for them in bulk and it helps a lot in saving extra money. You can contact various kid’s clothing wholesalers and then buy clothes from the wholesalers which suits your needs. These tips are extremely helpful and will help you save a lot of money in the long run

Ways to Plan For Discounts

  • Keep records – One of the best ways to see if there is any type of pattern taking place in terms of grocery sales at the supermarkets where you shop is to monitor the sales over a two month period. This can be as easy as creating a file and keeping the circulars you get in the mail or Sunday papers or pick up at your supermarket each week. You might be surprised to not only discover that every six weeks or so you can find terrific grocery bargains, but that maybe most grocery sales are during the week, as a way to draw shoppers in on slow days, and not on weekends when most people shop
  • Shop seasonally – Although it seems a little contrary to what you might think, the optimal time to find the best grocery bargains are when they are in the most demand. It might seem that supermarkets would charge more for soup in the cold winter months when more people buy and eat soups, but that’s not the case. You’ll most likely also find low prices for items like paper plates, hot dogs and barbecue items in the summer.
  • Post-holiday mark-downs – If you have the space to store your grocery bargains, the days after a holiday can be the best time to find sales. After Thanksgiving, for instance, is a great time to get bargains on turkey that you can freeze. This is particularly true of canned or jarred goods that have a long shelf-live, like gravy, cranberry relish or pumpkin pie mix you can pick up for next year’s holiday.
  • Competitors don’t compete – Quite often, major food suppliers have a tacit agreement not to get into a battle of sales on their goods. Rather, they will alternate the weeks or months when each will offer their products, so, for instance, if you are a Pepsi drinker and Coke is on sale this week, it’s a good bet that if you wait, you will find a low price next week on Pepsi.
  • Get to know your manager – Finding out if there is a rotating cycle to sales can be as easy as asking the store manager when products might be reduced in price or asking the butcher when meats and poultry will be marked down. These folks like to help out regular customers and keep them coming into the store.
  • Don’t count on expiration dates – Rather than what you might believe, supermarkets do not tend to offer sales on items with expiration dates approaching. Instead, they tend to just rotate that stock to the front of the shelves so they are the ones busy shoppers grab.

Why is vaping so popular, and how are companies making money in such a competitive market?

Vaping devices are common among teens and has become the most commonly used form of nicotine among youths. The easy availability and the belief that they are safer than cigarette has helped to make it attractive. Originally intended for adults, various reasons are accounting for the popularity with the younger generation.

Why is vaping popular?

Here, we would consider the reasons why vaping has become so appealing to many people. Some of these reasons are highlighted below.

  • They are sleek and discreet

When you smoke cigarettes, the smell of the tobacco hangs around you like a perfume. It is not the same as vaping. There is no harsh smell with vaping, which makes it difficult for the right authorities to discover an addicted youth. Since smoking among teenagers is not acceptable, vaping, which attracts no attention, is appreciated as it has the same effect as cigarettes. Also, vaping devices are sleek. Some come with looks similar to a USB drive. The beauty of its design and the absence of smell makes vaping all the more appealing.

  • They are addictive

There is a rise in vaping products because many people are becoming addicted to them. These products contain nicotine, which is very addictive and is also found in cigarettes. Withdrawing from the use of nicotine itself results in serious symptoms enough to discourage anyone from doing so. These symptoms include but are not limited to nervousness, restlessness, and fatigue.

  • Sweet taste

Many people are also attracted to vaping because of its sweet taste. Different flavors come with the vape device like mint, mango, cucumber, and many more. Since these flavors appeal to the human taste-buds, it is no wonder that vaping is widely appreciated.

An increase in participation of vaping by people, especially youths, has led to the rise in production and sales of vape devices. The competition to out-do each other in the manufacture of these devices is very strong. In a market as competitive as this, how do companies make their money?

How do companies make money in the competitive market of vaping?

· Location

Companies that pick a high-trafficked area for the sale of their product tend to be patronized more.

· Exceptional customer service

Excellent customer service is key to running any business successfully. It involves having extensive knowledge of the product and moving along with the latest trends. These attributes, combined with respect for customers, will tip the edge for any company. Respect for customers involves replying to complaints quickly and essentially satisfying the customer.

· Social networking/online marketing

Since the world is now a global village, there is a wider range of customers that can be found online. Companies like Misthub have been able to use the internet to market vapes effectively. Reviews must be read before making an order. You can check here for Misthub reviews.

· Providing quality products

Customers’ loyalty is always guaranteed when the quality of the product is excellent. To be relevant in the vape market, you must make sure to produce and sell quality products.

Best Time to Shop

First, holidays are some of the best times to shop for many items. This is when stores try to lure customers to buy and spend more. Stores know that customers have the day off and have time to shop. But, try not to choose holidays like Christmas or Valentine’s Day. The better holidays to choose are things like Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Presidents’ Day, and the little random holidays that occur during the year. Times like July 4 are fantastic for looking for good sales. Also, pay attention to the after holiday sales. These are when stores offer extra discounts to entice customers to come in to shop. A lot of times, stores have increased their inventory during the holidays and now need to get rid of that inventory. So, try to shop after the holiday during the after holiday sale such as the after thanksgiving sale or the after Christmas sale.

Next, look in between seasons. If summer is coming up, don’t shop for new summer clothes. Instead, shop for current spring clothes. If winter is coming up, don’t shop for those winter coats. Instead, before the winter shop for the fall clothes that you want it. I know this presents a problem for those that want to wear more current clothes during the current season. So, if that is what you want, spend some time shopping for the trendy clothes of that season, but also look for the staple items that you can wear in your wardrobe every year. Things like a cashmere cardigan that you can wear the following year. If you are looking for a cashmere sale, then look towards the end of winter when it may not be as cold as before. Cashmere is one of those staple items that you can keep year after year so do not worry about buying those items so late during the season.

Finally, if you tend to go to major discount retailers such as DSW or Loehmann’s, then you should hit those stores early on during the week. Tuesday and Wednesday is the best times to go to those stores because that’s when the new inventory comes in. Thursday and Friday is when a lot more people have time to go and shop and when there will be a lot less items for you to choose from. Saturday and Sunday are the worst days for those stores because everything will be picked over. If you want first choice at the new items at these discount stores, go on Tuesday or Wednesday. On the weekends, they will usually not discount those items anymore because people are willing to pay. So, don’t worry about not getting the greatest deal because Tuesday and Wednesday is when the items will already be marked down.

Burlap Bags

As the years went by, the gunny bag became an over-rated term which eventually began to apply to all material made from jute. This was regardless whether it was a bag, rug, or cloth backing.

When importing jute bags, the United States referred to them as Hessian gunny bags, sacking gunny cloth, sacking gunny bags or Hessian gunny cloth. The jute bags in the United States were historically limited to seamed burlap bags for various purposes – nursery stock, grain, binder twine, vegetables, produce, feed, flour, sugar, produce, fertilizers, bran, and grains – with bags of cotton and burlap used for flour, sugar and salt.

The bags are now associated with birthdays, ceremonies and other activities. Over recent years, they have also become part of popular wedding themes everywhere. This is due to its fascinating colonial texture which used to be part of early history rug embroidery. Because it is so popular, the problem with ordering burlap locally is you are limited on your choices, and burlap is becoming a hot item in the United States. This means searching the Internet for a material that is natural, has numerous styles and types, and offers discounted prices.

There are various types of material used for burlap bags, each type dependent on what you are going to do with it. Wedding bags and small favors for weddings, parties, ceremonies and holiday get-together’s can use the smaller sizes, while the larger are good for large gifts or as part of the decorations.

They currently come in many prices, styles, sizes and colors with the diversity of the material wide open. Once you go online to shop for burlap you will be shocked and amazed at what is available throughout the world.

Burlap is something that old farmers used to cut seed sacks down for, but today shopping online has replaced that enjoyable deed. But burlap is still a favorite for many people, no matter how you come by it. The advantage of shopping at burlap e-stores is you have a little more choices in your product and you don’t have to spend the afternoon snipping stitches out of the bags in the barn. Believe me, that do get old!

Bolero Sweater

This winter, and especially this Christmas, you can play true to the gallery and stuff yourself with some of the best bolero sweaters. The single button boleros are working up a rage this Christmas. In strong red and defined in lambs wool or Bordeaux, they are registering quite an impact. Largely, the appeal can be attributed to their versatility.

As an instance of their wide range, you just need to think of the gothic, romantic, classic and chic patterns of these sweaters. Oversized collars with the pleats created at the hemlines give them a silken touch. No matter how many times you think of them, the impression will be one of awe. It does not matter whether you want to wear them over elementary tanks or desire to couple them with party wear or semi-formal lines, you will always find them up to the task. The grosgrain ribbons can be well improvised to create various trims. You have just got to choose one that suits you to the hilt.

Often for these kinds of sweaters, even the knits done in acrylic resemble the cashmere look. Naturally, it is just a case of smart buy when you can fool around with a cashmere look at price of acrylic.

You can use long sleeves or short sleeves depending upon the girth of your waist and your neckline. Accentuated shoulder pads are best layered with long sleeves. You can also use the bolero sweater woolen blends to create a sleazy silhouette for yourself. Let’s take up a few ways to do best justice to the bolero sweater.

  • Cloverleaf designs suit the long sleeves extremely well just as the diamond pattern is made exquisitely for the short sleeved version.
  • You can go for the feather boleros if cocktails or evening parties are on your mind. You can also use them this Christmas to create an amazingly stylish Santa look.
  • Cropped sweaters can emphasize your curves and a handy hipline in a very smart way. Of course, you have to pre-analyze your body type.

The bolero sweater has just taken up fashion wings once again. Yes, they had doused a little a decade ago but they have come back within the fashion folds in style.

Buying Scrubs for Tall and Petite

Gone were the days that you need to stiffen your uniform to look smart and look your best, because with scrubs, you can become trendy and fashionable without additional costs. It is just a matter of ingenuity and creativity on how you can mix and match colors and styles efficiently.

Working in hospitals and other health facilities do not need to be boring and monotonous because you can rev up and become trendy by selecting the right scrubs perfect for whatever figure you have.

Majority of scrubs include a pair of short-sleeved v-neck T-shirt and pull on pants, while some come with long sleeves stockinette cuffs and waist-length scrub jackets. Meanwhile, scrub pants can either have a drawstring waist for easily slip on or elastic waist line. These designs of medical scrubs are advantageous of the busy and hectic lifestyles of medical personnel. For customization and personalization, some companies embossed or embroidered their corporate logo along with the initials of their employees.

No matter how vast or varied medical scrubs are, there are still rules to follow when choosing the right type of scrubs or mixing and matching different uniforms. Apart from its easy and comfortable attributes, scrubs are worn to avoid the onset of diseases and illnesses. These uniforms come in two types, those for sterile purposes and those for everyday and everywhere use.

Tips on what scrubs suit tall and petite body structures:

  • Petite individuals – When buying scrubs, be sure to select pants which are right for your size for better fitting. Be sure to choose those with small accessories and prints.
  • For Tall body structures – You are very lucky because you can wear any style and designs. Be sure to choose pants which suit your long legs.

Below are tips on how to select the right scrubs according to other types of body structure:

  • Full Breasted Women – You are lucky to have one, but do not flaunt it because it is against your dress code. You can select tops which are low-cut or those with big prints. This style will avoid someone peeping in your cleavage while you are bending over your patient’s bed.
  • Pear shape body structure – You can divert the attention of other people by wearing V neck scrub tops to show off your face and your neck. To elongate your legs, you can wear pants which are straight cut. Choose scrubs which have solid colors and small prints to hide your size. Be sure to choose those which are not too tight and which fit properly because tightness will emphasize your weight.

Long And Short Of Long Skirts

To emphasize on the silhouette, these skirts often use vertical seams. This creates a straight elastic seam running up till the waist area. Naturally, the look generated is perfectly homogenous on the eyes. Some of the more stylish and fashionable long skirts use a smart mini-skirt underneath. This helps against fashion mishaps and also ensures a more chic silhouette on the waistline.

There is so much you can add to a long skirt to make it more interesting. Sometimes you can improvise with scoop necks or long-pleated shoulders, at other times you can couple them with sequined hemlines or broad shoulder pads. Whether you buy them in silk chiffon or polyester or viscose, they never fail to hit the right fashion button. This is largely due to their versatility.

Take the front-slit skirt for example. This one is only for those ladies who know the nuances of carrying a glitzy outfit. The front slit gives the viewers something to think about and naturally increases the grace of the dress. Such a variation nearly always comes with a hidden lateral zipper. Even in their layered tanks or high splits or maxi skirts, such skirts create quite a stir on the masses. You just need to remember the best possible way of wearing them.

  • If it is a long full skirt, it must only be worn by those who are gifted with at least moderate height. The greater the height the better it is. Tank tops couple best with this variation. It is recommended to wear them with very thin tops. Big chunky necklaces are also well-desired accessories for the full long skirts.
  • If it is a fitted skirt, long slits are bound to go well with them.
  • Round-neck sweaters are known to create the right kind of stir.
  • Straight, body-hugging skirts emphasize your curves or silhouette even further.


Successful Shop Management

Accounting For Your Business

Smart shop owners know that the numbers speak volumes. They regularly visit with, and discuss details with their accountant. They monitor their bank accounts closely and keep track of their accounting systems. If they’re running a computerized system, they don’t rely blindly on the computer systems and have various checks and balances in place to validate the data.

Buddies With The Bank

The smart shop owner knows that the time to forge strong and positive relationships with the bank manager is before they need the bank’s services. They also realize that this pre-emptive approach allows them the chance to present the best image to the bank manager prior to any future meeting. Bank managers can sense financial distress and without any prior history for them to recall, the meeting may well not go as expected.

Forging Intelligent, Selective Alliances

In business there is the generally accepted rule that “many hands make light work.” Conversely “too many cooks spoil the broth” and unless some care and consideration is taken when working together, the careless shop owner may end up with more trouble than it was all worth. A smart shop owner knows that although a ‘friend’ might be an easy hire or an easy business partner, they may not be the best choice in the long run.

Keeping A Close Eye On The Competition

Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer… Okay, a little ‘cloak and dagger’ maybe, but the smart shop owner knows that knowing oneself is only half the battle. A smart owner also keeps a very close watch on their competition. They realize that competition is good for business – not bad, and that healthy competition stimulates business rather than repressing it. Also, the smart shop owner knows that by watching their competition they can learn their business strategy, their sales strategy, their pricing strategy, their advertising strategy and whole lot more.

Paying Their Taxes

The smart shop owner pays their taxes. They accept that it is part of business and factor it in to their overall business model. Instead of focusing on clawing back a few pennies here and there, the smart business owner focuses on building more wealth, they have a positive viewpoint not a negative one.

Designer Second Hand Bags

Each dealer has a different way of working. Some of them just buy the bags from the sellers, pay them some amount on which they mutually settle, and then polish the bags a little bit, add price tags to it, and sell them as and when a new buyer comes to buy the bag. This they can do it by buying the bags both online, as well as at their physical shop, and the same happens for selling too. However, there are some other dealers who work a little differently. They do not pay the amount to the seller of the bag, until a new buyer pays the buying amount to the dealer, from which the dealer keeps his commission, and then passed on the rest of the amount to the previous owner. Both ways, you now know that in case you ever want to get rid of your old designer bags, you need not necessarily throw them away; you can simply sell them!

Designer second hand bags online can also be found at many other websites which are common shopping websites for a lot of products. You can create your own profile over there, and put the price and other details. At some websites, several new buyers will have to go through a bidding process to get the item that you are selling, and you can monitor this on your own by deciding which bidder you want to sell the bag to. Another option is to not go for the bidding option, and just wait till someone likes the price you are charging and is ready to buy your designer second hand bags. Once you start doing this a little more frequently, you will become a buyer and a seller in no time, with a fresh collection of bags with you all the time.