Buying the Perfect Handbag for You

Purpose of the Bag

The first thing you should think about when buying a new handbag is what you want to use it for. For those of you who tend to set things down without thinking, perhaps a cross- body bag that you don’t have to carry in your hand or on your shoulder would be best. Or perhaps you are a student and want a cute but sturdy bag, maybe a messenger bag, to carry your notebooks in. For minimalists, a very small bag that only holds your car keys, credit cards, and phone is an option. For those who have children, especially babies, a bigger bag or diaper bag would probably be best.

If you tend to use the same bag every day for a long time, consider investing in a well- made handmade bag, leather bag or designer bag as it will need to be good quality to last a long time. If you tend to buy bags as the trends change or get tired of things easily, it is probably wise not to spend too much if you are going to buy another purse soon.

Body Type

Body type is another thing you may want to take into account when trying to decide on a new handbag. If you are tall and thin, medium sized slouchy bags will look good with your frame — often the term for this is a “hobo” bag. For smaller sizes, smaller bags are best so that your bag doesn’t seem too big for your frame. Also, long straps are a no- no, as they will just make you look smaller. If you are plus size, try a structured or boxy bag to balance out your curves.


The third thing you need to decide is your budget. Will you be purchasing a handmade, leather or designer bag? If so, be prepared to spend at least two hundred dollars, and usually more, for a good quality bag. If you are going low budget, consider going to places like TJ Maxx, Nordstrom Rack, or even a used clothing store where bags may be discounted to try to find good prices for decent bags. Waiting for holiday sales is also an option if you want to buy from a normal store. If you want a designer handbag but can’t quite afford the steep price, try bidding for a bag on eBay, where you may be able to get one slightly used for much less than the selling price. Another option is Etsy for finding handmade handbags.