Cheap Wholesale Bags

Everything is done online, with both the drop shipping retailer and the buyer just transacting the sales agreement (both women, most likely) still in their pajamas. Ecommerce can be done as conveniently as this, and yet the prices for the hand bags can be extra low.

Why is this so? Well, the drop shipping retailer got her goods at wholesale prices from her wholesale partner who specializes in the ladies designer hand bags, so she can afford to sell them retail at big discounts to the online lady buyers. By doing this, the lady drop shipper actually makes more sales and more money, because a lady buyer, noticing the very low prices for the handbags, will take advantage by ordering not just one bag, but two, or even more.

The lady buyer of the signature hand bags, especially if she is of the very sociable set, will need the many hand bags for the many social functions she attends, and she likes to have a different hand bag every time, just like she likes to wear a different set of clothes also for different social functions. Wholesalers specializing in these types of merchandise are aware of the women’s whims when it comes to clothes and hand bags, so they also tend to carry them in various designs and brands in their product inventories.

So, if you are thinking of going into this kind of business, you are in the right track – designer bags are very saleable and you could expect much money coming your way. Just be sure to have a good wholesale partner who has the many designs and makes of handbags in her warehouse. And check also that your wholesaler has already people in the other countries to deliver the hand bags to women buyers there – the Internet now has led many women from other places to be conscious of such brand names like Gucci, Prada, Louis Vitton, Coach, Burberry, and many others. They can be as discriminating on these bags as our women here.