Cotton Polo Shirts

The embroidered logo was a master stroke from the tennis champ. It has made such a significant impact that corporate companies have seen this as a great opportunity to promote their brand. You see cotton polo shirts bearing a company’s logo very prominently displayed worn by company employees and these are also given away as gifts during trade fairs and other promotional events.

One major factor behind the success of this garment, apart from its design, was the material used. Original polo shirts were all made out of cotton and despite the introduction of many other blended varieties, premium and pure cotton shirts still rule the roost when it comes to first preference for many style conscious individuals.

The decision of some to go for poly blends or even for 100% polyester shirts is based on the assumption that these are wrinkle free and durable even after repeat washes. While that is true to some extent, there are other factors like the comfort and fall of the fabric that must also be kept in mind. Cotton scores high in these factors and though subject to wrinkling or creasing, it only needs a good iron to sort it out and have it look like new. What is more, you feel comfortable wearing them through the day and do not get that typical sticky feeling that is so evident in polyester shirts.

Cotton polo shirts continue to remain popular even though other relatively inexpensive options like jersey, jacquard, mesh and pique material are available. Though each of them has its own positive attributes and are being used increasingly by shirt manufacturers, the allure of cotton polo shirts remains unchallenged.

The fact that cotton polo shirts are worn by golfers, corporate employees and other hard-working individuals points to one salient feature of these shirts. That is the wonderful moisture management property that they present to the wearer. The fabric promotes easy evaporation and therefore ensures that you always have that dry and comfortable feeling, even though you have been pretty active physically and have sweated during the course of the day.

Cotton polo shirts have also been popular due to the fact that cotton lends itself well to the single solid colours that have become so synonymous with polo. Using block colours for the different areas of the shirts have been tried out with some success, but essentially it is the single colour that remains a preferred choice for individuals.