Eco Budget Cotton Bags

You now have to consider how to get these bags to potential customers as the whole point of the bag is to make more sales. Why not give them out at school fetes, car boot sales, jumble sales or anywhere that second hand goods are offered for sale. Another idea is to approach charity shops and offer them a supply to put their goods in, so much nicer than a tatty old reused carrier bag that the donations arrived in. Eco- friendly and reusable they will be gratefully received by the staff and the customers alike. You will be perceived as a caring business owner supporting charities and eco-friendly to boot.

These potential customers are readily willing to purchase second hand goods of the type you offer which is a form of recycling in itself; and are always on the lookout for a new outlet for them to rummage through for bargains. They have your promotional bags and thus your details to hand and will discuss this with other likeminded friends and family members. It won’t be long before you get a visit. Purchases will be made and your reputation will grow along with your sales.

Any stigma about used goods has gone and there are plenty of people from all walks of life and income groups looking for bargains. It may be a designer or vintage dress or the thought of picking up an antique at a bargain price. It may be the pleasure of stripping and waxing that old furniture for their homes that keeps them on the lookout for more. Whatever their motivation you need to get your business noticed in this ever growing market. Promotional bags will achieve this for you at very little cost; so much more effective than cards placed in the newsagents’ windows or advertisements in local newspapers.