Finding Wedding Favors

Base Your Favor Off the Season

When my wife and I got married, it was right after Christmas. The Christmas lights were still up in the church, and so were all the angels that the church hung from the rafters. There were even Christmas trees still up in the foyer. Because of this, we decide to them our favors for the season and handed out candy canes with a personalized and signed note from the two of us thanking them for their presence. At the reception, we also had little bells that could double as Christmas ornaments that we set at every seat. Total cost? Less than $10.

Hand Out a Personalized Favor

The new trend in wedding favors is to give guests a personalized item that has the couple’s name, the date they were married, and maybe the church or other location where the ceremony took place. For some couple these are sticky pads, for others they are pens, and I’ve also seen bells done in this fashion. These favors are also pretty cost effective and a simple means of thanking your guests for attending your big day.

Just Don’t Hand Out Rice!

It’s true that throwing rice is the traditional method of congratulating a happy couple on becoming newlyweds. However, did you know that rice, when thrown outside, has the tendency to be eaten by various wildlife, mostly birds, and tends to harm them, or even kill them? So if you want something thrown over your head, hand out bird seed to some chosen people if it is going to be outside, or be prepared to clean up a ton of rice on the inside afterwards.