Mulberry Bags

The company has positioned itself as the premier handbag designer not only in the UK but also worldwide as Mulberry bags are extremely popular in the United States and the Far East. The company stunned the financial world this summer when they announced record sales and profits in one of the toughest retail environments in living memory. With the world economy teetering between recession and recovery and the credit crunch hitting everybody’s pockets it did come as a surprise to discover that the maker of some of the most expensive handbags in the world has no shortage of customers willing to spend £ 800 or more on their latest handbag.

Mulberry released a handbag in 2010 which they called the “Alexa”. Sales went through the roof as fashion magazines fell over themselves gushing praise over the handbag’s style and elegance. It isn’t just fashion critics who adore Mulberry bags as the company couldn’t survive on praise alone. Women across the UK and worldwide are snapping up their creations and the brand is fast becoming one of the most desirable fashion labels on the planet today!

How do they get it so right is a question that many people ask of Mulberry and yet the answer is quite elusive.

The business started in the early 1970’s by one man, Roger Saul. He set about creating fancy leather belts from the garage of his parent’s home and with his parent’s assistance they were soon supplying trendy fashion boutiques, first in London and then in Paris and New York.

The company grew quickly and Mulberry continued to ride the crest of a wave but a decision by Saul to source extra funding for the company proved catastrophic as the new investors and Saul didn’t see eye to eye on key issues and after a boardroom coup Saul was forced to resign from the company that he built up.

Business can be cruel and in the following years Mulberry went from strength to strength. The new investors had expertise on managing internationally acclaimed luxury brands and they skilfully set about taking Mulberry to the next level.

With a new creative team on board they slowly started to transform the brand into a British and then a world renowned design company.

Today Mulberry bags continue to be one of the world’s best sellers in the handbags market and with the new Mulberry Evelina released in 2011 there seems no end to the company’s rise to the top.