Off The Shoulder Top

You can buy them in their various sporty trends as well as for the semi-formal party wear occasions. The dress is versatile in nature and can certainly be used in different avatars. All you need to do is look for the materials that go with a particular trend.

To elaborate, cotton suits the sporty look to a tee. Similarly, chiffon or silk sets the fashion meter for the semi-formal wear. Today, you can also experiment with rayon and all you require to do is make sure that you purchase a machine-wash one.

You can buy them in floral and animal prints with élan. This Christmas a lot of flared tops are also coming up on the racks. The idea is to enhance the shoulder pad and play with the collar-bone in a meaningful fashion. At the same time, the tops can also be made to run in an asymmetric fashion so that the waistline is best flattered.

There is a smart fashion sense in trying your convertible multi way dress in the off shoulder top variation. To wear them with high armholes is to create a sense of wonderment in the minds of men. It is worthy to find out the best way of wearing them.

  • Always buy one which is a strong fit. It is because off the shoulder top has a tendency towards shrinking. You must also make sure that it washes well. In absence of this facility, the top may just wear out too quickly.
  • It is extremely versatile and you can use it on the go, as a casual wear, for semi-formal occasions and even as a sleep wear. All that you need to do is buy in materials that are expected to suit the purpose.
  • While going for animal prints, it is ideal not to go for neck beads as they camouflage and fail to put up a startling show.