Pashmina Scarf

A pashmina scarf is often longer and wider than a standard scarf. Sometimes the term scarf also covers shawls. Because of their length and width, these scarves can be extremely versatile. You can wear them as a cloak, sash, toga, or even a top.

Some of these scarves are short enough that men find them a suitable accessory. Men often don’t like a lot of layers, and find scarves a way to stay warm without adding bulk. If a man likes to cross country ski, works out doors in all types of weather, or likes to watch outdoor sporting events, you may want to buy him pashmina scarf.

Pashmina scarves are known for their bright colors, but they come in dark shades as well. Navy blue, maroon, and brown scarves are a nice accessory for men who like fashion but don’t particular about what they wear.

A pashmina scarf is also a great gift for a teenager. They can pair it with their favorite tunic or skirt and walk down the hallway of their high school knowing that they are up on the latest fashions.

Women can still wear these new pashminas in traditional ways. They can wear them as a shawl and wrap them around their head to keep the wind at bay. Or, they wrap them and tie them securely as a way to hold their infants while keeping their hands free. Another traditional way to wear a pashmina is to wrap it around her body a few times and toss it over a shoulder.

Many fashionistas and famous people have made these traditional styles of pashmina popular again. By bringing these old looks back, they are appealing to those who love to wear traditional outfits, a growing trend in the fashion industry.

The material that was used for traditional pashmina scarves is special wool from a goat that is native to the Kashmir area. This is and under layer wool, close to the goat’s skin. It is six times finer than human hair. The wool is so thin that it has to be woven by hand.

Despite its fragile appearance, this wool is very warm. People are often surprised to find out how warm these scarves are when they wear them. This makes a pashmina scarf a great addition to your wardrobe to wear in the spring or fall when the nights are often cool. You can wrap the scarf around your shoulders to keep your arms warm when you are attending a dinner party or other social event. The pashmina scarf may have changed in some ways, but in others, it has stayed the same, and it is just as useful now as it was for the natives of Kashmir.