Story of the Garage Sale

The simple fact is that we collect stuff; whether it be from friends, family, holidays or even things that we buy ourselves; we become buried in things we neither use or want anymore. Some of us get smart and decide we should get rid of some of this stuff. There are a lot of options for doing this. We could give these items away or maybe even donate them which would be the charitable thing to do. Often though we will try and sell them. There are many ways to accomplish selling our unwanted items as well; and one of the most popular when the weather is nice anyways is to have a garage sale! What a great idea! Let’s give our unwanted items to someone else and make them pay for it! The interesting fact here is; is that it works. No matter what you want to get rid of someone somewhere will want it even when we feel it should just be thrown away. This is what having a garage sale is all about; letting someone else find joy or usefulness out of what you consider as worthless junk sometimes.

For the rest of us we are drawn to these sales believe it or not. Some of us are searching for a particular item that either cannot be bought in a store, or if it can it is just out of our price range. So we will go looking through other people’s belongings in hopes of finding that elusive item. Then there are the rest of us who even if we say we will not stop or maybe we are not actively searching for anything; when we see that sign advertising a garage or yard sale we will stop anyways just to see what there is. There are several ways of doing this as well. There is the drive by style of shopping where you slow down and look over everything to be seen from your car and if nothing stands out you speed away to find the next sale. Also there are the, “I’m just looking” types that will rummage through everything you have but really have no interest in buying anything at all! The best of course are the ones that are just looking for a bargain or good deal on something.

There are some problems though when it comes to having a garage sale. Two opposing forces are going to be brought together and often times a battle will ensue. The person having the garage sale has two goals. One; get rid of as much stuff as possible and two; get as much money as you can from each item! On the hand the buyer has a different idea altogether. They want to get whatever it is you are selling for the cheapest price possible! This often creates a battle of wits as both try to come to an agreement that started at opposite ends of the price structure. For the seller they will often drop down bit by bit until they reach a point where they will not go any further. For the buyer we have two kinds of people; one will work to get the best price for something and when the seller will go no further they will go ahead and buy the item. The other will haggle over the price and even if the seller drops down to next to nothing it will still not be good enough! I experienced this recently where a cup was being sold for 10 cents and yet the person interested said that they would think about it; so when the owner said I’ll take 5 cents they put the cup down and walked away! I mean come on! It’s only 5 cents and that’s still not good enough?

Anyway you look at it garage sales do serve a good purpose; They allow most of us to empty out the closet, backroom or garage and allow others to find those much desired items at a reasonable price. I guess the old saying is true that one man’s junk is another man’s treasure! So keep going out and enjoying those sales and seeking for those treasures; and if you have a back room or garage filled with stuff do not be afraid to put out a sign that says, “Garage sale!”! Just try and pick a nice day for it so us buyers will not have to fight weather!