White Pashmina for Summer

White is nice because it reflects heat. Unlike black, that absorbs the sun’s rays, white’s reflective properties make it a popular choice during the summer. Yet, a white pashmina is still surprisingly warm. This lightweight material is made for an inner lining of goat wool known for its weather resistance.

This makes it an excellent choice for a beach outing. During the day, the pashmina is useful as a swim cover up. You can wrap it around your waist as a nice skirt, toga style over a nice one-piece swimsuit, or noted around your chest as a nice sundress.

A pashmina is larger than a standard shawl. It is the size of small blanket, like the lap blankets often used on a couch. Because of its size, it makes a great beach blanket. Lay it out so that you can sunbathe or use it as a picnic blanket for your day at the beach.

At night, the white pashmina will help keep you warm when the sun goes down. During the day, a nice breeze may help you stay cool as the sun beats down from above you. At night, however that same breeze may feel chilly. A pashmina is a great way to wrap up and stay warm as you sit around a fire with your friends and family.

If you are going to a pool party, a white pashmina is a great way to go in style. Wrap the shawl around your body and tie the ends around your neck for a great sundress. For those who have slim hips, wrap the accessory around your waist and tie it over one hip. With experience and some experimentation, you can find many different ways to wear your pashmina as a dress, toga, or cover up.

Sun protection is important year round, but especially during the summer when more skin is exposed. Using a pashmina as a shawl over a sundress is a nice way to protect yourself from UVA and UVB rays without worrying that you will overheat. The pashmina is lightweight and folds easily into a beach or tote bag when not in use.

With the versatility of a white pashmina, you find many ways to utilize this accessory. Pashminas aren’t just for social occasions. You can wear one as part of your business ensemble as well. Tie it as a sash around your waist to belt your favorite dress, or wear it diagonally across your chest of a nice top. Another option is to wrap it around your head to keep your hair nice on your walk to work in the morning. No matter how you use it, a white pashmina is a nice addition to your summer wardrobe.